Boss Baby 3 Release Date Status, Plot, Cast, Trailer, and Much More

If you enjoyed the family-themed joyride about the Templetons and the adorable baby cops, then you must be excited to learn that the creators are renewing Boss Baby for the third time. In that case, allow us to share everything we know about Boss Baby 3. 

The film’s full name is not released yet, but the name is The Boss Baby 3, reported to be directed by Tom McGrath and written by Michael McCullers.

When will Boss Baby 3 release?

The Boss Baby: Family Business was released by Universal Pictures in 2021, and shortly after that, the news of a third installment came out.

There are no official dates for its release yet, but the film will likely be released in mid-2024. Universal Studios usually take 3 years to produce a project like a boss baby, so if our calculations are right, then 2024 will be the year.

During a Q&A session with Baldwin and Sedaris on Twitter, a question about Boss Baby 3 was asked, and their witty answer hinted at a 3rd installment.

But there is no official announcement yet. However, it is expected that after a few months, we will get to hear a formal announcement regarding its release.

When did the filming for Boss Baby 3 start?

Boss Baby 3

The 2nd movie was released quite recently, so we cannot say anything about the production of the 3rd movie yet. It is difficult to predict when they will start with the production as there is no current schedule.

Is the cast for Boss Baby 3 changing?

Most of the mainstream voice cast for the third movie is expected to make a comeback, except Jeff Goldblum, as his character Dr. Erwin Armstrong was defeated in the second film.

Prepare yourself to hear the following actors in their respective characters;

  • Alec Baldwin as Ted Templeton Jr.
  • James Marsden as Tim Templeton.
  • Amy Sedaris as Tina Templeton.
  • Eva Longoria as Carol Templeton.
  • Ariana Greenblatt as Tabitha Templeton
  • Jimmy Kimmel as the father and Lisa Kudrow as the mother of Tim and Ted.

But the plot of Boss baby 3 is expected to be explored, which means that there will definitely be changes to the cast. Changes as in, new actors will be joining the boss baby team.

What will be the plot of Boss Baby 3?

The boss baby family business, also known as the Boss Baby 2. It is an animated comedy movie that is a sequel to 2017’s heat film. It follows now-adult Templeton brothers Ted and Tim as they rediscover their childhood and the meaning of family through one epic adventure to stop an evil genius.

The two brothers are given their childhood back for a total of 48 hours through a magical formula. Tim now has two daughters, Tina (younger one), a confident and good baby leader. And she is adamant about making her uncle’s and dad’s relationship better. The older daughter is Tabitha, who is also an equally interesting character as her sister.

Tim’s daughter succeeds in eradicating the threat from Dr. Erwin Armstrong, who intended to create offspring like Templetons. But that was all about Boss Baby 2. Now, what will Boss Baby 3 unfold?

Boss Baby 3’s main plot will center around Tim’s daughters, Tabitha and Tina. Most likely, we’ll get to see both sisters bonding as they go on with their adventures.

Fans are excited to see Tina and Tabitha time-traveling back to their dad’s childhood and all the events of their journey. 


There are no official announcements about the 3rd film yet. Naturally, there is no trailer either. But if they decide to make a 3rd film, we’ll get to see the trailer 3-4 months before its official release. That will probably be in 2024, so that is a long wait, but hopefully, it will be worth it.

Does this mean there will be no 3rd movie?

The Boss Baby: Back in Business is not on any streaming services until now, not even on Hulu, Amazon, or Netflix. It is only available on Peacock.

In later months, if it gets released on Netflix and the viewership grows. The chances of getting a third installment will also grow. But it is better to expect nothing right now as we do not have solid sources confirming the third renewal.

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