Bordertown Season 4 Release Date Status: Cancelled or Renewed?

Bordertown is Finland’s most popular crime drama show. This popular show was written by Mikko Oikkonen. It’s about a private eye who moves to a small town in hopes of finding less crime. But things get really bad when a murderer makes the whole city scared. This article will give all updates about Bordertown Season 4 Release Date.

Each season looks at a lot of different cases and ties them together into a bigger story. Because this drama series was so popular in Finland, a popular streaming service, Netflix, was able to get the rights to distribute it. The viewers gave a great response to the Bordertownseason rating 7.6 out of 10 on IMDB.

Bordertown has become much more well-known now that more people can watch it on Netflix. Fans can’t get enough of it, which is why they want to know if there will be a second season. Read on to learn more about Bordertown’s fourth season.

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Bordertown Season 4 Plot: What will happen In The Storyline?

In the third season of the show, Kari is now trying to solve some of the brain-wrecking situations. The third season and the storyline were both fantastic, and the fans knew this.

He is attempting to solve the most difficult cases of his career in the third season of ‘Bordertown’. The similarities between the current crimes and those he’s worked on in the past lead him to notice a pattern.
They’ve been on the killer’s radar for some time, and now he’s daring him to capture them. This season’s last two episodes see Lasse Maasalo’s reappearance as well as an infection that has gripped the community.

Sorjonen will have to cope with the effects of the killer and the epidemic on his family and the community in Season 4 of “Bordertown,” which premieres on Netflix on September 15. It will also provide the investigator with a variety of new and novel crimes to solve.

Bordertown Season 4 Storyline

Miikko Oikkonen’s and Ville Virtanen’s Bordertowen is a criminal thriller series. Kari Sorjonen, a detective inspector, is central to the tale. She is battling a rare form of cancer on the brain.

He wants to serve his wife and daughter at the same time. When Sorjonen is promoted to the severe Crime Unit, he has to leave his old position behind. There, he and his family will have a calm existence in the nearby border town.

However, he was charged with multiple female killings, which was a serious offence. As a result of the incident, Sorjonen was obliged to choose work over familial obligations at all times.

Bordertown Season 4 Cast: Who Else Will Return And Who Are The Newcomers?

We anticipate the same cast members will return for all four seasons of the show. Ville Virtanen will return as Kari Sorjonen with Matleena Kuusniemi as Pauliina Sorjonen. The following is a list of everyone who will be appearing in Bordertown Season 4, along with their previous roles in the drama series Bordertown.

Bordertown Season 4 Cast
Bordertown Season 4 Cast
  • Kristiina Halttu as Taina Perttula
  • Ilkka Villi as Niko Uusitalo
  • Lenita Susi as Katia Jaakkola
  • Anu Sinisalo as Lena Jaakkola
  • Olivia Ainali as Janina Sorjonen
  • Laura Malmivaara as Anneli Ahola


Bordertown Season 4 Release Date: When Will It Come Out?

Beginning on the 1st of December 2019 and running all the way through the 2nd of February 2020, YLE TV1 in Finland broadcast Season 3 of the Bordertown. The television programme was made available to users all over the world by Netflix on the eleventh of May, 2020.

It is comprised of a total of eight episodes, each of which is sixty minutes long. Regarding the upcoming fourth season, neither Netflix nor YLE TV1 has provided any official updates at this time.

There is a significant possibility that the drama series will be revived for a fourth season, taking into account how popular it is all over the world and, in particular, in the nation from whence it originated.

However, in light of the current state of public health around the globe, many experts anticipate a pause in its manufacturing. If all goes according to plan, Season 4 should be available sometime in 2022.

Bordertown Season 4 Trailer: Is It Out Or Not?

The video trailer that is shown below at the moment is quite accurate with regard to the future chapter of the criminal mystery drama. In immediate contact with the release date, the official teaser of the season will be made available online.

User Review

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The annoying petulant teenage offspring of the two lead detectives are insinuated into almost every plot undermining the entire series. This show would have been much more interesting had the focus been kept on the Special Crimes Task Force. The two lead detectives are characters that could have stood on their own without being dragged down by all the family drama. The acting was top-notch except for the teens who were out of their league.

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