Bobby Lee Wife: Rumors About Kuhn Cheating On Her Husband

In this article, we will discuss the Bobby Lee Wife as well as other information that is related to her. Comedian, actor, and podcaster Bobby Lee was born in California in the early ’70s. His breakthrough came when he was cast in MAD TV, a Fox sketch comedy series where he created numerous iconic characters and made repeated appearances until the show was cancelled.

Once MAD TV ended, Lee went on to appear in a number of films over the years. Bobby Lee’s podcast TigerBelly is the most notable thing he’s done since MAD TV. Lee cites Khalyla Kuhn as the one who inspired him to establish the famous podcast.

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Who Is Bobby Lee Wife?

She goes by the name of Khalyla Kuhn. She is the daughter of Marites Kuhn and was born in Cebu, Philippines. Her paternal name is unknown, probably because she never mentions him in her podcasts or on social media. Still, she was brought up in the United States by both sets of parents after they relocated there soon after she was born.

Beyond this, questions about Khalyla Kuhn’s upbringing and parental figures remain unanswered. Julianna Kuhn is Khalyla’s sister and the only known sibling she has. Yet, she does not share her enthusiasm for the spotlight. Some have suggested that she has three siblings, one of them is named Khawinda.

Who Is Khalyla Kuhn?

Khalyla Kuhn has a large following on Instagram and co-hosts a podcast. She co-hosts the TigerBelly podcast with Bobby Lee and also produces the Trash Tuesday podcast with Annie Lederman and Esther Povitsky.

Who Is Khalyla Kuhn?
Who Is Khalyla Kuhn?

Khalyla Kuhn’s mother, Marites Kuhn, gave birth to her on October 31st, 1984, in Cebu, Philippines, USA. She was born in the United States and has a multicultural heritage. There is speculation that Khun is half Egyptian and half Filipino. Her little sibling is called Julia. She supplemented her income by working as an anatomy, microbiology, and physiology tutor.

Many followers already know that the influencer has a strong passion for sports. From all the sports out there, MMA is her favourite. Kuhn has almost 332,000 Instagram followers. She and Bobby Lee may have broken up, but there were still images of them together on the site when this was published.

Rumors About Kuhn Cheating On Bobby Lee

There were rumours that Kuhn cheated on Lee with the athlete Brendan Schaub in 2019. The comedian reportedly became concerned when he heard that the two had been exchanging text messages. Meanwhile, Kuhn was quoted assuring fans that was all in good fun and that they were merely discussing sports.

Moreover, Kuhn was called a gold digger in 2018. In context, the podcast host had joked that she wouldn’t date Lee if it weren’t for the money. Because of this, many internet users were outraged; she later posted an explanation on Instagram.

The couple has also confirmed their open relationship status in recent months. On the most recent edition of Trash Tuesday, Khayla Kuhn revealed that she was not the one who proposed the concept of an open relationship.

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