Bo Jackson Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make?

Bo Jackson is a former American professional football and baseball player from Alabama with a US net worth. The only professional athlete in history to play in both the MLB and the NFL, he is considered one of the best athletes of all time.

Jackson, a multi-sport star who excelled at baseball, football, and track from an early age, rose to fame in the 1980s. He played in the MLB and the NFL. Jackson chose to enroll at Auburn University as a running back despite receiving a high school offer from the New York Yankees.

While there, he helped his football team win the Sugar Bowl and earned a spot on the American Olympic track and field team. In 1986, he started his MLB career. Later, in 1991, he transferred to the NFL and the Los Angeles Raiders, where he played for four years until retiring due to injury.

Jackson is recognized for his 1989 All-Star Game home run as well as his 1988 Night Football touchdown run, which helped “Bo Knows” become a catchphrase in advertising. For a sport he called a “passion,” he was also honored with a spot in the College Football Hall of Fame in 1998.

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Bo Jackson Bio

Full Nаmе Vincent Edward Jackson
Gender Male
Height 6.1 ft
Weight 104 kg
Date of Birth 30th November 1962
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Nationality American
Occupation Athlete, businessman, actor
College Auburn University
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse(s) Linda Jackson
Children Garrett Jackson, Nicholas Jackson, Morgan Jackson

Early Life

Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson was born on November 30, 1962, in Bessemer, Alabama. He is the eighth of ten children in his family, and he has several siblings. He was a McAdory High School student. As a running back for the football team in high school, he set records.

He also played baseball, where he hit 20 home runs in 25 games. He also set state records on the track and twice won the Decathlon state championship in Alabama. Jackson chose to enroll at Auburn University on a football scholarship despite being selected by the New York Yankees in the 1982 draught.

He claimed he made a vow to his mother that he would enroll in college first among his family members. Jackson participated in track and field, baseball, and other sports at Auburn. He is renowned for his exceptional ability to succeed in a variety of sports, amassing excellent stats in all three.

Personal Life

He has three children with Linda who works as a rehabilitation counselor, Garrett, Nicholas, and Morgan. Dick Schaap and he collaborated on his autobiography, “Bo Knows Bo,” in 1990. The novel begins with him as a boy in Bessemer, Alabama, and ends with him at the height of his athletic prowess in 1990.

Becoming An Athlete At College

Despite being taken in the second round of the 1982 MLB draught by the New York Yankees, Jackson attended Auburn University on a football scholarship. He chose this choice because he had promised his mother that he would be the first in his family to attend a four-year university.

He was selected to play for the Auburn Tigers football team while an undergraduate at Auburn University because of his baseball and football abilities. His college baseball career was less successful, as he missed most of his senior season due to injury. Bo Jackson is adamant that attempts were made to damage his baseball career while he was a college student.

Bo Jackson’s Net Worth By Career

Bo made $6.8 million in baseball compensation and $6.1 million in football salary throughout his professional career. When inflation is taken into account, the total is equivalent to about $20 million.

What’s more, Bo made tens of millions of dollars from endorsement deals, primarily with Nike and Gatorade.  Bo received a $100,000 annual offer from Nike in 1986 if he would only play baseball. If he also participated in the NFL, they would pay him $1 million.

Bo earned $500,000 a year from Pepsi and AT&T, $1 million from Nike, and $1 million from Gatorade at the height of his playing career while under a five-year, $7.4 million contract with the Los Angeles Raiders and a one-year, $2.4 million deal with the Kansas City Royals.

Bo made $6 million in salary and endorsements annually during the start of the 1990s. That is equal to $11 million in today’s dollars after inflation.

Bo Jackson Net Worth 2022
Bo Jackson Net Worth 2022

Bo Jackson’s Net Worth In 2022

In 2022, Bo Jackson’s net worth is expected to be $25 million. Jackson earned an average of $6.8 million per season in baseball and $7.4 million per season in football. A disability insurance award of $4,000,000 was made to him after he was injured in a football game in 2012.

Jackson has 2,782 rushing yards, 5.4 yards per carrying, and 16 rushing touchdowns as a running back. As an outfielder, he has scored 141 runs and driven in 415. Aside from the fact that his batted-in is at 250. This article is about Bo Jackson’s net worth. I hope you like it, then click here for more updates on

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