Biden To Decry Democracy ‘Recession’ At White House Summit

Starting from Thursday, the two-day virtual summit will host delegates from around 110 countries and discuss some important stuff. Biden will also request to reverse the ongoing recession. But what is the context for all this, and will his request be accepted?

The summit meeting started receiving criticism even before the meetings began. Mostly from officials and countries which were not invited. Russia and China’s ambassadors even wrote a joint letter in which they expressed their concern and went as far as saying that Biden’s policies “will stoke up ideological confrontation and a rift in the world.”

Biden’s tone was alarming in the White House Summit. He made his point pretty clear that to save the democracies. All nations will have to redouble their efforts. This crucial step is necessary to maintain the dominance of democracy over autocracy. The President also hinted at his foreign policy plans; the government will invest $424 million in programming, supporting the media and discouraging corruption throughout the world.

Biden To Decry Democracy

The Summit was quite an interactive meeting. Other representatives also spoke up about the issues concerning them concerning the ongoing recession. Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen discusses the problems that the increased use of technology has caused to his government. “New technologies and large tech companies are increasingly setting the stage for the democratic dialogue, sometimes with more emphasis on reach than on freedom of speech.”

The main reason was to force Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine’s borders. Biden even mentioned that if Putin tries to invade Ukraine, there will be severe consequences. Overall the Summit was an excellent initiative to discuss world problems, but it did not prove to be as successful as it was expected to be. The Chinese officials were left very disappointed after the meeting. The invitation to Taiwan did not happen to please them because, according to them, Taiwan is not represented by anyone other than the Chinese officials themselves.

The US government did not disclose the procedure through which they invited countries. To discuss the recession throughout the world, all nations must have been there, but this wasn’t the case. Poland, a country that has been openly criticized for undermining the judiciary and media, was invited, while Hungary was not invited. Hungary also happens to be the only European Member not invited.

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