Becoming Elizabeth Season 2: Is It Renewed, Canceled At Starz?

Starz’s first season of Becoming Elizabeth, starring Jessica Raine as Elizabeth I and Tom Cullen as Thomas Seymour, has seen the deaths of Henry VIII, Catharine Parr (Jessica Raine), and Thomas Seymour.

The Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 finale has to include the death of someone significant, right? It’s finally time for someone to come forward, but it might not be who we were hoping for. In Becoming Elizabeth, Anya Reiss chronicles Queen Elizabeth I’s difficult adolescence (Alicia von Rittberg).

Princess Elizabeth was involved in a perilous love triangle with her stepmother Catharine Parr and her husband Thomas Seymour long before she rose to the throne of England and became one of the most beloved rulers in Western Europe.

Elizabeth falls in love with Seymour, but she soon learns that he has been abusing her and using her for his own political advantage while they are together. It is because of Elizabeth’s encounter with Thomas Seymour that we know she avoided marriage for the rest of her life and would rapidly turn on her favorites.

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When it appears that Edward VI is on his way out, Elizabeth finds her position at court slipping in the Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 finale. Queen Elizabeth (Romola Garai) and her Catholic sister Mary (Romola Garai) are in the throne room while the king is ill.

Elizabeth tries to straddle the fence like she always does, but it doesn’t work. When Edward wakes up at the end of the episode, he’s shocked to discover the elaborate plan everyone devised when they thought he was going to die.

Following his brother to the scaffold, Edward Seymour (John Heffernan) dies, while Mary and Elizabeth are expelled from the king’s good graces. Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger. To discover out, Decider went straight to the source: Anya Reiss.

Becoming Elizabeth Season 2 Plot

In contrast to earlier Elizabeth I documentaries, which have focused on her reign as queen, Becoming Elizabeth focuses on her childhood and the events that shaped her into the woman she would become as a leader. As stated by Starz, below is a summary:

“Becoming Elizabeth is a fascinating look at the early years of England’s most famous monarch. A troubled adolescent before she rose to the throne of England, young Elizabeth Tudor found herself caught up in the political and sexual intrigues of her time at court.

Henry VIII’s death triggered a serious power struggle because there was no clear heir. There’s an ongoing power struggle between the great families of England and Europe, and his offspring find themselves as pawns in a chessboard. She tries to take control of her destiny and genuine authority as the men around her try to claim her sovereignty.

There are plots, betrayals, and illicit relationships that threaten to bring about her downfall in an age when everyone in court is on the wheel of fortune, which can take them to a position of great power one minute or put them on an executioner’s block the next. “Her fascinating and factual journey to secure the crown”

Becoming Elizabeth Season 2 Cast

What role will Alicia von Rittberg’s portrayal of Queen Elizabeth’s ascent to the power play in her career? As a supporting actress, the German actress has appeared in a number of high-profile films, including Brad Pitt’s World War II action blockbuster Fury and National Geographic’s Genius: Einstein.

Von Rittberg’s most significant starring role to date is Becoming Elizabeth. In addition to von Rittberg, the cast includes Tom Cullen (Invasion, Downton Abbey), Oliver Zetterstrm (War of the Worlds), and Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) as Thomas Seymour, Edward VI, and Jane Grey, respectively.

Becoming Elizabeth Season 2 Cast
Becoming Elizabeth Season 2 Cast

Becoming Elizabeth Season 2 main cast is as follows:

  • Alicia von Rittberg as Elizabeth I
  • Romola Garai as Mary Tudor
  • Jessica Raine as Catherine Parr
  • Tom Cullen as Thomas Seymour
  • John Heffernan as Duke of Somerset
  • Jamie Blackley as Robert Dudley
  • Alexandra Gilbreath as Kat Ashley
  • Jamie Parker as John Dudley
  • Leo Bill as Henry Grey
  • Oliver Zetterstrӧm as Edward
  • Bella Ramsey as Lady Jane Grey
  • Ekow Quartey as Pedro
  • Alex Macqueen as Stephen Gardiner
  • Olivier Huband as Ambassador Guzman

Becoming Elizabeth Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of Becoming Elizabeth has yet to be announced. Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 finale was obviously planned to “hopefully rocket into another season,” albeit Reiss did confess as much.

With the passage of Lady Jane Grey, it is implied that Edward’s sisters will be passed over in favor of the “pliable” (and Protestant) young woman. (Spoilers, but that’s exactly what occurs in history, and it’s devastating for little Jane.) “

It is my hope that we’ve created a Lady Jane Grey who has her own set of goals and values, as Reiss put it. One school of thought holds that Lady Jane Grey was suddenly sucked into something she wasn’t prepared for.

She’ll have something to say,” says our Lady Jane Grey. Reiss hopes to study more historical figures in future seasons than just Lady Jane Grey. When William Cecil arrives, I’ll be overjoyed. Frances Brandon, Henry Grey’s wife, is one of them, according to Reiss.

I originally had a lot more characters, but they were filtered out because if they weren’t vital to the plot, it felt like I didn’t want to have a character that was just there for the sake of having one. “

Becoming Elizabeth Season 2 Trailer

Here is the trailer for the show, you can watch it.

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