Bam Margera Girlfriend: Who is He Dating Right Now?

As we have been reporting, the former Jackass star is currently dealing with fresh legal issues following accusations that he assaulted his brother over the weekend while visiting his family in Pennsylvania. But before that, Bam’s closest friends tried to stem his downhill spiral by staging an intervention for him while he was still on the west coast.

Bam’s “longtime friends” allegedly planned an intervention earlier this month in San Diego, according to TMZ. The MTV alum was there in the days following his most recent arrest for public intoxication at the end of March in the city of Burbank. Friends who were concerned decided to arrange the meeting and address the 43-year-old television personality about his troubling conduct and persistent addiction issues.

They mentioned during the intervention that their ultimate goal was to get him back into a recovery center. Sadly, the argument quickly turned ugly. Bam “seemed receptive at first,” according to individuals who spoke to the newspaper, but they ran against a few obstacles, the first of which was his fiancée.

Bam Margera Girlfriend: Who is He Dating Right Now?

Jessica, the woman Bam has been living with after divorcing his wife, reportedly had little interest in arranging for him to enter treatment. She believed she would have nowhere to live without Bam, according to the outlet’s sources, and she was concerned for her own future.

Yes, if you’ve been following Bam’s problems, you’ll know that this is the same woman who reported Bam to the police just last month, referring to him as her “husband,” and alleging that he had kicked her brutally. He was taken into custody on suspicion of assault.

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When Bam’s estranged wife Nikki Boyd telephoned to join the intervention, it became much more complicated. She reportedly informed Bam in front of the entire group that if he got clean and got his life in order, she would be prepared to welcome him back into Phoenix’s life.

It’s a good thing, right? TMZ was informed by insiders that this statement “upset the girlfriend” even more and that she “kicked everyone out” of the residence, putting an early end to the intervention. According to the source, this intervention happened a few days after Bam was detained in Burbank on suspicion of public intoxication very late last month.

Police were called to a commotion at a restaurant where Bam and Nikki were dining in that circumstance. Officers detained the Viva La Bam alum on a misdemeanor charge after interviewing him. That sad incident undoubtedly motivated Bam’s friends to demand assistance, but it appears that they were unsuccessful.

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Of course, Bam is also dealing with a variety of other issues as well. He allegedly assaulted his brother, threatened to kill family members, and then fled into the woods outside the city of West Chester early on Sunday morning, as we noted up top. He is still on the run from the Pennsylvania State Police.

In that case, he is accused of many charges of making terroristic threats and violence, and authorities are still looking for him. We truly hope Bam receives the support he requires and can change his life for the better, whether through friends, family, or the legal system. It’s incredibly difficult to observe how this situation develops.


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