“Avatar: The Way Of Water” Returns Well At The Box Office In China

“Avatar: The Way Of Water: Disney and 20th Century revealed late Tuesday that James Cameron’s eagerly anticipated sequel Avatar: The Way of Water had received a coveted release in the Chinese market.

On December 16, the same day it debuts in North American theatres, the film will have its Middle Kingdom premiere. One of the rare Hollywood blockbusters to receive a release date in China since the pandemic started is The Way of Water.

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Thirteen years after Avatar made history by being the highest-grossing movie ever worldwide, a title it still holds today with more than $2.92 billion in ticket sales, not accounting for inflation and re-releases, Cameron’s sequel makes its way into theatres all over the world.

Over the years, Avatar has become a massive blockbuster in China, bringing in a respectable $261.8 million (it has been released several times). Imax theatres, a favourite exhibitor for Avatar fans, will be part of The Way of Water’s presence in China.

Sources claim that negotiations to release the film in China have been ongoing for weeks. Still, the official statement only surfaced two days after the shocking news that Bob Iger will take over as CEO of the Walt Disney Company again, ousting Bob Chapek.

After Iger negotiated a deal to buy most of Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox, including the film company 20th Century Fox, Disney inherited the Avatar franchise. One of the most expensive production budgets in Hollywood history, The Way of Water is estimated to be in the $350 million to $400 million level.

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