What Happened to Audrina Patridge Niece? The Reason Behind Audrina Patridge Niece Cause of Death

Audrina Patridge made her debut in 2006 on The Hills, a popular MTV reality show. Since then, Audrina has maintained a high profile thanks to The Hills: New Beginnings, her own spinoff series Audrina, and other endeavors. Her daughter, Kirra Max Bohan, was born after she was married in the spotlight.

Audrina, like many other celebrities, uses social media to keep in touch with her devoted following. The MTV legend posted devastating news on her niece Sadie Raine Loza in February 2023. If you want to know what became of Audrina Patridge’s niece, you’ll have to keep reading.

Audrina Patridge Niece Cause of Death

Those who follow Audrina on Instagram are used to seeing her post selfies, family portraits, and other personal photographs. She broke the news on February 14th, 2023 that her family was grieving the loss of her adolescent niece. Sadly, Audrina revealed that her sister Casey’s eldest child, Sadie, passed away at the age of 15.

Audrina shared numerous childhood images of Sadie on Instagram. She also revealed some of their memories together, including a video of the two dancing during Audrina and Corey Bohan’s wedding in 2016. The loss of Sadie has shaken up the whole tribe, as Audrina put it in the caption.

“My heart hurts to even write this. My beautiful niece is now in heaven,” Audrina wrote. “I know It’s not goodbye forever, but it is the hardest to say goodbye for now. We will miss you and cherish every single moment we had with you. Rest in peace, Say Say!! We love you forever and ever!”

Sadie celebrated her fifteenth birthday a few days before Audrina’s message. Casey, who also has two kids called Sam and Vallon, posted a video to Instagram of Sadie clutching her cake at her birthday party.

“I can’t believe you’re 15. It feels like the years flew by, and we still have so many more adventures to go on!” Casey wrote under the video. “Aliens in Sedona, portals, learning to drive in the desert hahah, I love you so much, my little clone. You’re so beautiful, kind, smart, and funny!! That dryyy AF british humor tho. I’m so proud to be your mom, and I cannot wait to see the insane ancient civilization architecture you’re going to construct someday. I love you so, so much my Sadie Raine.”

Audrina Patridge’s Family Hasn’t Disclosed Sadie’s Death Reason

Audrina Patridge's Family Hasn't Disclosed Sadie's Death Reason

As of this writing, neither Audrina nor Casey have verified the circumstances of Sadie’s death. Casey had already confirmed Sadie’s death to her followers with a selfie before Audrina’s message arrived.

“Sadie Raine Loza has left this Earth for the heavens,” Casey wrote. “Writing this was the hardest thing I ever have had to do, not knowing the right words.”

Repeating what Sadie had taught her many times, Casey said, “The first law of thermodynamics (aka law of conservation of energy) works in all spheres of life … ’Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.’” Then she said, “Transformation is a better word than death,” and she announced that Sadie’s life and legacy will continue on in the hearts of all who loved her.

“Her story will save countless lives; her memory will never be forgotten,” Casey wrote of her daughter. “Rest in peace, you brilliant starseed. You’re with your creator. We will miss you dearly. I love you.”

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