Ashley Judd Leg Accident After The Death Of Her Mother, Naomi

American actress Ashley Judd gained notoriety in February 2021 after a terrible hiking accident nearly cost her her leg. The 53-year-old actress broke her leg while exploring a rainforest in the Congo, necessitating significant surgery.

Who Is Ashley Judd?

Judd, who was born on April 19, 1968, is a well-known actress and political activist who is also Naomi Judd’s daughter. In a few episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1991, she made a brief appearance, which launched her career.

She continued acting in many productions, including Double Jeopardy, Bug, Heat, and De-Lovely. Judd also played a recurring part on the TV show Berlin Station from 2017 to 2019. Judd is well-known for her prior marriage, which lasted from 2001 until 2013, to the former Scottish racing driver Dario Franchitti.

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Ashley Judd Leg Accident

Ashley Judd revealed that she nearly lost her leg following a catastrophic incident in the Congo rainforest in February 2021. Judd sustained an injury when she stumbled over a log as she and researchers searched for bonobos early in the morning in a rainforest. The accident broke her tibia. Her leg was shattered in four places as a result.

In a live Instagram video at the moment, she explained to the New York Times: “Accidents happen, and there was a fallen tree on the walkway that I didn’t see, and I just tumbled over this tree. “I knew my leg was breaking as I was doing it.”

The Double Jeopardy contestant was “biting a stick out of anguish” and “howling like a wild beast” while stuck on the ground for five hours with a “badly deformed leg.” She was transported on a hammock back to camp after leaving the rainforest. After a challenging 55-hour rescue, she “desperately needed a blood transfusion”, and her right leg had “no pulse.”

With a driver controlling the motorbike and another man “keeping the top half of my shattered tibia together,” she had to be taken away. It took six hours to make that gruelling and draining journey. Judd referred to the incident as a “catastrophic accident” and said she “almost lost my leg” because it was broken in four places.

How’s Ashley Judd Doing Now?

After having rigorous surgery and rehabilitation, which included physiotherapy, osteopathy, and yoga, Judd was back on her feet six months after the horrifying tragedy. She gave her followers another update in March 2022 during a discussion with Kate Roberts on her Sex, Body & Soul podcast.

“It showed me that all the effort I’ve done in developing my meditation practice and how hard I’ve tried to heal, it was with me throughout those 55 hours,” she added. “I was aware that I couldn’t have expectations, like when I would get aid, whether there would be pain medication, or anything else. I had no expectations and understood I could only take one breath at a time.

And I was able to express my needs by saying “please” and “thank you,” as well as “may I have a drink of water,” without placing the blame elsewhere or venting to those close to me. Judd had previously declared on Instagram that she was returning to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and that the injury “is in the past now” just a few months earlier.

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