Arthur Embiid Cause of Death: How Did He Die Joel Embiid’s Brother?

The star player for the Philadelphia 76ers almost called it quits about ten years ago due to Joel Embiid’s brother. The terrible death of Arthur Embiid, Joel’s younger brother, occurred just a few months after the 2014 NBA draft.

The young center found himself in a challenging predicament. Even though he realized his dream of playing professional basketball, losing a significant family member was quite upsetting. Additionally, Embiid had to cope with a foot problem that caused him to miss the first two years of his career.

Joel and Arthur had a tight relationship, so, unsurprisingly, he thought about quitting the NBA before playing a single minute. Fortunately, the 76er’s big man ultimately decided to continue playing, and he has since established himself as one of the league’s top players.

Arthur Embiid Cause of Death: How Did He Die Joel Embiid's Brother?

Joel Embiid’s brother was only 13 years old when he died.

On October 16, 2014, Joel Embiid’s brother was killed in a vehicle accident. Arthur Embiid had a promising future ahead of him and was only 13 years old when he passed away. However, many others, including the star of the Philadelphia 76ers, have been affected by his untimely passing.

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Embiid was selected third overall in the 2014 NBA Draft on June 26. He had just recovered from a foot injury when his native Cameroon informed him of the awful news. Less than two weeks he remained until the Sixers’ season-opening game against the Indiana Pacers.

“Right after I got drafted, back in 2014, I thought about walking away from the game. I’m not exaggerating at all,” Embiid wrote on The Players’ Tribune in 2020. “I seriously considered retiring from the NBA before I’d even played one game.”

 The large man also clarified that his wounds weren’t a significant issue. He was aware that his body would eventually recover. His heart was different, though, and it hurt a lot. The younger brother of Sixers star Joel Embiid was a young boy with lofty aspirations. But while he was walking home from school, tragically, his life ended.

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Joel Embiid said that Arthur Embiid was always there for his brother, offering him encouragement and support. Even though Embiid’s brother is no longer with us, his legacy endures. In September 2020, he became a father. He chose the name Arthur Embiid for his late brother. The nonprofit “In Memory of Arthur,” which supports charitable groups in Philadelphia, was also established by the 2023 NBA MVP.

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