Around The World In 80 Days Series 2: Is It Coming In 2022?

Based on Jules Verne’s 1873 novel of the same name, in which protagonist Phileas Fogg wagers he can circumnavigate the globe in 80 days via train and ship, the TV series Around the World in 80 Days is a period drama/adventure.

France Télévisions, ZDF of Germany, and RAI of Italy formed the European Alliance to fund and produce the show. Masterpiece (US) and Be-Films/RTBF contributed to the project (Belgium). Filming took place in Romania and production offices in the United Kingdom, France, and South Africa.

This series premiered on La Une in Belgium on December 5, 2021, and BBC One in the United Kingdom on December 26, 2021. The show’s renewal for a second season was announced in November 2021, months before the premiere.

Around The World In 80 Days Series 2 Plot

The new eight-part adaptation of Phileas Fogg’s story, produced by a group of European television networks and broadcast in the United States on PBS under the Masterpiece banner, captures some of the dreamy undertones of Fogg’s life and quest.

The book’s authors, Ashley Pharoah and Caleb Ranson, and the film’s director, Steve Barron, have some excellent ideas for making the story’s setting feel contemporary. Still, they’ve lost sight of the story’s forward momentum.

The book has a familiar title, but it’s perhaps better known to current audiences from past adaptations rather than the book itself. Despite the story’s literal clock in the title, this adaptation doesn’t provide enough thrills or excitement and doesn’t even come close to succeeding as a serious drama.

The protagonist of the many adaptations of Around the World in 80 Days is Phileas Fogg (David Tennant), a stoic aristocrat who lacks a purpose in life. At 10 a.m. daily, without fail. Fogg joins the other elites for lunch at the Reform Club, discussing the day’s events and sharing their opinions.

He then returns to his considerable estate, where his calcified butler and cavernous mansion await him, and the cycle begins again. Like the British Empire, Fogg gets excited at the prospect of a world trip that can be completed in 80 days after reading about the construction of an Indian railroad line.

His snobby pal Bellamy (Peter Sullivan) advised that Fogg, who has seldom left London, would not be the one to attempt the voyage. Fogg’s companions in his 20,000-pound wager are Passepartout and Abigail Fix (Leonie Benesch), the writer of the original news stories who hopes to build her fame through messages about the journey.

Verne aficionados will already notice changes. Passepartout is a Black French native with a nasty history and a shaky basis for joining Fogg. To Fogg, Fix is an unappreciated woman seeking to take her place in a sexist but changing society.

Even though Hong Kong, a unified “India,” and an equally unified “American Frontier” are all still there, almost none of the exploits that took place there have changed. Considering Verne’s breaks are usually a colonialist nightmare, this is probably for the best.

Yes, Fogg picks up some valuable lessons along the way, but his initial depictions of the various communities he encounters are dated. These vacations reflect Britain’s colonial rule in both Hong Kong and India. Fogg’s trip across the United States focuses on the division that occurred after the Civil War rather than on the contributions of Native Americans.

Paris is the backdrop for the first chapter, equal parts Les Miserables and Day of the Jackal. Updates on globalism in 1870-something aren’t incredibly enlightening. However, lessening the amount of bigotry and xenophobia would be excellent. However, these snapshots rarely carry enough momentum to move forward on their own.

There are fights between the characters when they are stranded on the island alone. In another, they are trapped on a train with a particularly annoying Italian for over an hour. This episode is set in Hong Kong, where they attend an outdoor party. As a plot point, a hot air balloon ride is meant to be emblematic, but it ends up boring.

Around The World In 80 Days Series 2 Cast
Around The World In 80 Days Series 2 Cast

Around The World In 80 Days Series 2 Cast

Since no cast changes were announced alongside the second season’s premiere, the original cast seems to return for more adventures worldwide in 80 days. Consequently, look at the likely Season 2 cast list for Around the World in 80 Days below.

  • Jason Watkins as Bernard Fortescue
  • Peter Sullivan as Nyle Bellamy
  • Anthony Flanagan as Thomas Kneedling
  • Gary Beadle as Bass Reeves
  • Lindsay Duncan as Jane Digby
  • Giovanni Scifoni as Mr. Moretti
  • David Tennant as Phileas Fogg
  • Ibrahim Koma as Passepartout
  • Leonie Benesch as Abigail Fix Fortescue
  • Rizelle Januk as Samanaz
  • Walter van Dyk as Lord Crossley
  • Richard Wilson as Grayson
  • Leon Clingman as Roberts
  • Shivaani Ghai as Aouda

Around The World In 80 Days Series 2 Release Date

Around the World, in 80 Days Series 2 has yet to get a confirmed air date. It seems like an official announcement is imminent. On December 5, 2021, the first episode of the show’s first season, titled Around the World in 80 Days, aired.

It has begun airing, and early reactions from viewers have been overwhelmingly positive. We will update this site with any news on the premiere date of Season 2 of Around the World in 80 Days. The preview for Season 2 of Around the World in 80 Days is here, so let’s check it out.

Around The World In 80 Days Series 2 Trailer

We have yet to see the Around the World in 80 Days Series 2 trailer. We anticipate its upcoming release.

Let’s all settle in to watch the first season’s official trailer of Around the World in 80 Days. Check it out down below!

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