Are Zach And Katie Still Together From Married At First Sight?

Can you get to know someone and have a long-term connection with Zach And Katie? How challenging do you find it to change and give in for the benefit of your loved one? How long do arranged marriages often last? The relationship specialists on ‘Married At First Sight’ try to pair up strangers in hopes of answering these concerns and more. In the tenth season, one of the most talked-about couples initially dated after splitting up with their matches.

The two people who were paired up were Katie Conrad and Derek, and Zach Justice and Mindy. Nevertheless, when season 10 production wrapped, Katie and Zach unexpectedly reconnected over a few beers. Fans of their romance were kept on the edge of their seats by their supposedly romantic exchanges. Lots of people are wondering if their love held up over the years. To the best of our knowledge, this is the end of the story.

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Zach and Katie’s Married At First Sight Journey

It turned out that the experts should have coupled Zach and Katie, who got along famously after filming wrapped, instead of Mindy and Zach and Katie and Derek. On one hand, Mindy and Zach never managed to get romantically involved. They initially seemed content with the experts’ judgment, but soon realized their marriage would be fraught due to a lack of common interests. Both parties made an effort to get to know each other and even grew close at the altar, but their lack of chemistry was glaringly clear.

Despite Mindy and Zach’s decision to give their relationship another shot, it appears that things haven’t improved since they returned from their honeymoon. Hence, no one was shocked when the couple announced their separation shortly after their wedding. But, Katie’s seriousness and realism contrasted nicely with Derek’s ambition, so the experts thought they’d make a great pair. Katie’s heart was torn before she participated in the experiment because of a previous relationship.

In this case, it appeared that opposites did not attract. Derek and Katie had a hard time finding areas of agreement. The advice of experts was to find a shared interest, but Katie had a hard time accepting or supporting her new husband’s ambitious plans. Derek’s wife disapproved of his romantic advances toward his female co-stars, and Derek’s opinion was that his wife spent too much time thinking about her ex. As a result, the two constantly argued about the same subjects.

Despite their best efforts, Derek and Katie’s marriage had already begun to dissolve when the reunion episode was filmed. In the series finale’s reunion show, it was revealed that Zach and Katie had met up for drinks, which eventually lead to something more romantic, and the two started dating. But did they manage to keep the chemistry alive in their relationship, or did it fizzle out with time? The only way to know is to investigate.

Zach and Katie’s Married At First Sight Journey
Zach and Katie’s Married At First Sight Journey

Are Zach and Katie Still Together?

Regrettably, despite dating after filming wrapped for the season, Zach and Katie quickly called off their relationship. They realized their relationship wasn’t going anywhere and broke up. Yet, the rationale behind their choice is currently unknown. Zach and Katie have each moved on with their lives and are doing well now.

Zach may still be single, but he’s living a full and fulfilling life full of the people and things he cares about. Zach is a fitness enthusiast who shares his progress online; may he find lasting joy along the way. Katie, meantime, met her future husband Brandon Eaves on a dating app in the early 2020s and the two have been happily together ever since.

The former ‘MAFS‘ contestant became engaged to Brandon in December 2020, and the two were married in the middle of 2021. John Zachary Eaves, their son, was born in August of 2022. Seeing Katie and Brandon together is like seeing a miracle, and we hope the best for them.

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