Are Zac And Elizabeth Still Together In 2022 From Love Island?

Are Zac And Elizabeth Still Together In 2022? Reality TV show “Love Island” follows a group of eligible singles as they share a villa on an isolated island for a month in the pursuit of love and a substantial cash prize at the show’s conclusion.

They are isolated from the rest of the world, under constant surveillance, and forced to interact with one other in order to survive. The U.K.-based series has become a global phenomenon thanks to its consistent delivery of drama, romance, and heartache.

Zac And Elizabeth Split up

It didn’t take long for Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber to become fan favorites on the first season of Love Island USA in 2019. They determined early on that they wouldn’t pursue any other candidates in the villa after being partnered up on day one.

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After that, they kissed for the first time, began calling each other “babe,” and started planning their future together beyond Love Island USA. In one of his musings, Zac observed, “I think we connect pretty well and have a strong knowledge of one other.”

As the saying goes, “Everything happens for a reason.” Soon after becoming finalists on Love Island USA, Zac proposed to Elizabeth, and the two later admitted they were in love with one another and were subsequently named the show’s champions.

However, E! News reports that by the end of 2019, the couple had broken up after dating for several months. According to TV Shows Ace, Zac revealed the breakup details by writing, “The separation was mutual and we have left on amicable terms” on Instagram.

The native Chicagoan continued by saying, “We simply wanted different things and it wasn’t fair to either of us to continue on a road that no longer benefited either of us or our differing interests.” Read on to learn more about the breakup from Elizabeth’s perspective, and to find out why she thinks life outside the villa won’t be as smooth as they had anticipated.

Elizabeth Weber

The YouTube channel Elizabeth Weber runs in addition to her regular day job. She creates Vlogs for YouTube while working as an Influencer Specialist for an advertising agency. She announced her new position in the workforce via YouTube in a video posted in February of 2022. 

In January, she was able to obtain a job after spending the previous two months interviewing for various positions. To paraphrase what she said: “Currently, I am employed for a Toronto, Canada-based advertising firm. I help companies with with social media and influencer marketing strategies.”

 Since most people in the crowd only knew her as a social media celebrity, model, or TV personality, this information came as quite a shock to them. Most people never got to see or hear about this part of her personality. Then she continued, “You all got to know me when I was sweet Elizabeth on Love Island. 

My fitness-related social media posts are where you can find me. In spite of this, I am overjoyed to finally be able to exhibit my enormous marketing and creative sides. I feel much better now that I have a regular work schedule and am making better use of my time.” As an Influencer, she collaborated with numerous well-known companies. 

As a marketer, though, she felt a pressing need to develop her imagination. She says, “This might lead to very fantastic things and is opening that level of creativity I didn’t reach fully by working only as an Influencer with particular businesses.” She “wasn’t really capitalizing on or thinking too much into the strategy of it and just taking things as they go” when it came to her role as an influencer.

She uses several social media sites frequently. She has 224K people following her on Instagram (@ewebzz). She endorses products, discusses her workout routine, and more. She also flaunts her gorgeous side on TikTok, where she has amassed 377,8K followers. She has attracted over 21,000 followers to her “Elizabeth Weber” account on YouTube.

Zac Mirabelli

Zac is a popular YouTuber and Instagram model. He has been keeping himself occupied by going to the gym and making YouTube videos. His modeling skills have earned him 141k Instagram followers. Zac Mirabelli is the name of his popular YouTube channel, which has over 6.34,000 followers. 

Zac Mirabelli and his sister GG have a new video blog up on YouTube. From Chicago, he uploaded a video on 10 July 2021 to discuss his post-pandemic plans. He let everyone know he was producing an Instagram TV show. During the epidemic, he stopped using the social media site. 

He “wasn’t in the healthiest place mentally at the moment,” so taking some time off was essential. He told his audience in the video that he was prepared to keep Vlogging and delivering more videos going forward.

Love Island Journey of Zac and Elizabeth

Zac Mirabelli, 22, from Chicago, Illinois, and Elizabeth Weber, 24, from New York, were the first Americans we met on the very first season of ‘Love Island’ U.S. On their first day at the villa, the two immediately took a liking to each other and quickly decided they wanted to start a relationship.

Later, in an interview with People, Zac revealed that his initial interest to Elizabeth was based only on physical attractiveness: “When I first stepped into the villa and saw Elizabeth, I knew instantly that she was the person that I wanted to couple up with. Interestingly enough, it worked out that I was also her type.

They clung together and wouldn’t budge! Zac and Elizabeth were the only couple still with their first-day partners after they were offered the chance to re-couple after some time had passed. Zac and Elizabeth were instant favorites with the audience since they were inseparable from the start.

Their lack of involvement in the island’s turmoil, combined with their intimate date nights and hushed chats, gave the impression that they were built for each other. Things became even better once they hit it off more deeply and Zac asked her to be his girlfriend.

The couple made history by becoming the first committed couple among the 25 contestants. Not only did they meet each other’s families, but they also professed their undying love for one another on national television.

The viewers chose Zac and Elizabeth as the season one winners, and Elizabeth took home the $100,000 prize. However, she and her partner, without whom she would not have succeeded, have chosen to split the prize money.

Love Island Journey of Zac and Elizabeth
Love Island Journey of Zac and Elizabeth

Are Zac and Elizabeth Still Together?

They are not, in fact. Following being together for a while after the series finale, Zac and Elizabeth eventually broke up in December 2019. Zac and Elizabeth both agreed that they felt like they were in a dream because they fell in love on a TV show.

And now that they weren’t living on an island and had to maintain a long-distance relationship, they had to make some adjustments. The pair appeared content for a while, making frequent trips to visit one another and going on vacations together. 

They were making positive strides in their relationship, and had even discussed relocating to the same location, when in December 2019 they unexpectedly broke up. Both parties shared their perspectives on the matter via Instagram stories. 

While Zac stated, “The breakup was consensual and we have left on friendly terms.” Ultimately, we just had different goals in mind, and it wasn’t right to keep going down a road that wasn’t beneficial to either of us. 

Elizabeth acknowledged in her own statement that while she wished for a different outcome, “life doesn’t always work out the way we could have hoped.” There appears to be no animosity left over from the breakup. 

And it doesn’t appear that either of them has moved on with their love lives in the few months they’ve been apart. Only new information is that Zac has started his career as a model. He made the exciting announcement that he has been signed by Ford Models New York in March of 2020.

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