Are Weston And Emily Still Together The Stars From Love Island Journey?

Are Weston And Emily Still Together? Season 2 of Love Island USA ended in 2017, yet the show, and especially a few fan-favorite couples, are still popular. Based on the original UK version, the show followed a group of young, attractive people as they spent time in a tropical villa to find love.

It’s safe to assume that CBS has no plans to cancel the smash hit. Season 3 of Decider, which will film in Hawaii this time around, is reportedly still looking for contestants as of January 27, 2021. It’s safe to assume that the new season will continue the tradition of delivering nail-biting drama along with its eye-popping locales and a stunning cast.

Will any of the new relationships in the forthcoming season continue beyond the show? Weston Richey and Emily Salch established the standard for long-term couples by continuing to date beyond the Season 1 finale. To finally find love on the show, Weston had to wait quite a while. The shift changed, though, and when Emily replaced her, she and Weston hit it off right away. What the two are doing currently is detailed below.

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Weston and Emily Love Island Journey

Emily and Weston’s relationship had an unusual beginning, allowing fans to see a new side of him. His relationship with Emily, a student, and part-time bartender, helped him grow up and take responsibility for his actions. From Mallory to Katrina to Emily, Weston struggled to find a stable relationship early on in the program.

Fans were divided on whether or not she was his top choice. But once they began to connect, he could not turn back. They hit it off right away because they were both admitted thrill seekers who enjoyed extreme activities. They made each other laugh all the time, and they always seemed to be able to work together to find solutions to whatever minor issues came up during the day. 

The end of their time on “Love Island” left them with a sense of satisfaction, knowing that their goals had been met. In the season finale, they end up in last place, but as they walk out the door hand in hand, they start to dream about the future.


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Weston and Emily Salch Relationship

On the show: While Emily and Weston were attracted to one other, they also had ties to other Islanders, and Emily was the last female Islander to enter the villa on Day 21. During the recoupling on Day 24, Emily picked Weston as her partner, and the two remained together until the end of the competition, where they placed fourth.

After the show: E! claimed that Emily announced on social media that she would be spending Valentine’s Day 2020 alone. On May 14, Emily addressed the couple’s divorce in a YouTube video in which she also revealed that they had separated in November and January. “My relationship with Weston has ended. Because we are in such different places in our lives, we are essentially a bad match for one another “she elaborated

Weston and Emily Salch Relationship
Weston and Emily Salch Relationship

Are Weston and Emily Still Together?

Season one ended on August 7, 2019, and less than a month later, Emily wrote her final tweet about her exes. She stopped making use of it entirely. After the season of “Love Island” concluded, the couple went their ways. Unlike Emily, who has kept only a handful of show-related photos on her social media, Weston has deleted all of his albums with Emily. He has transitioned to posting just self-portraits, either as a traveler or a photographer.

The photographer gets to see the world for a living, going wherever his job takes him. Instead, ever since the quarantine period ended, Emily has been on the search for a new traveling companion. If this isn’t a clue that they’ve broken up, what is? In any case, whether Emily is spending them alone or with her loved ones, she seems to be appreciating the holidays. On Valentine’s Day, she even acknowledged her newfound affection for herself.

No one has come forward to explain why they broke up. To say otherwise would be an unfounded inference based solely on a superficial examination of their online profiles. Fans of Emily and Weston, however, sincerely hope that they are still too young to see anything but the greatest versions of themselves, whether that be together or apart.

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