Are Tiffany And Ronald Still Together From 90 Day Fiance?

In season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, did viewers last see Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith? and the coronavirus pandemic coincided with a rocky period in their marriage. Have Ronald and Tiffany broken up or are they still together? If you want to know where things are between Ronald and Tiffany, you’ll want to read on. Must See Are ’90 Day Fiance’ Jesse And Jennifer Still Together?

Are Tiffany And Ronald Still Together?

Controversial Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith, stars of the TLC show 90 Days, are reportedly back together after splitting up earlier this year. Season 1 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way on TLC introduced viewers to Tiffany and Ronald. While on vacation in South Africa, Tiffany, owner of Addy Rose Cosmetics, met Ronald through a mutual friend.

After falling in love and getting engaged, Ronald disclosed his criminal history to Tiffany. Tiffany took Ronald in despite his gambling problem and took her son Daniel from a previous relationship with her on a TOW trip to South Africa. Ronald and Tiffany were proud parents to their daughter Carley after a nine-month pregnancy.

Ronald was able to witness the birth of his daughter via video chat because Tiffany gave birth to her in the United States. Tiffany and Ronald’s marriage was shown to be in trouble in the sixth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? She wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue her marriage to Ronald, so she sought the advice of a divorce attorney.

She was a successful single mother of two in Maryland, while he was unemployed and living in another county. The film made it appear as though Ronald, whose application for a CR-1 spouse visa had been approved, wanted the visa to be refused because of his lack of interest in it.

Maybe he planned to stay in South Africa and was trying to persuade Tiffany to take the kids and go there. They split up and Ronald filed for divorce from Tiffany in August of 2021. After dating for three months, Ronald was gushing about his new girlfriend Lauren Fraser on Instagram.

Almost instantly after, Tiffany said Ronald had shared the video with Lauren as an act of revenge. Tiffany claims that she and Ronald have been making efforts to reconcile. Ronald added, “Whatever Tiffany said about me not being real about this girl or us working things out is NOT accurate” in a now-deleted post.

We apologize, but we must say, “We are not While Tiffany claimed to InTouch in January that she and Ronald had reconciled, Ronald later commented on an Instagram post about the supposed reconciliation, saying he was “shocked.” Both were not being followed by fans as of February. She did, however, provide a cute screenshot from April showing her and her 90-Day Fiancé boyfriend, Ronald, dozing off during a FaceTime video chat.

It didn’t take long for Ronald to remove all of Lauren’s images and videos from his Instagram account. A video of Ronald getting suited up and ready to head out in May was captioned “Heading out to go have a good time yes yes yes.” When Tiffany responded to it with “Oh u a gangsta now huh lol,” Ronald gave her a cheeky comeback.

Yes, he warned her, “you better be on the lookout because here I am.” In June, Ronald uploaded yet another tape with a voiceover about attending a “single parent benefit.” Ronald is suddenly hit on the head by an invisible hand, and a voice replies, “no you went to a strip club.”

Are Tiffany And Ronald Still In Relationship?
Are Tiffany And Ronald Still In Relationship?

Seeing that Tiffany, who has recently been in the media for her weight reduction, commented on the post with the words “a true philanthropist,” viewers quickly deduced that it must have been her in the video with Ronald. Trying to estimate they whereabouts from the footage is a tall order.

In addition, she did try to mislead her followers earlier this month by uploading a video of herself in bed with an unknown male while covering his face with a sticker. The tattoo, which was visible on Ronald’s right shoulder, was enough for fans to identify him. Fans are split on whether or not they are back together, with some applauding their decision to put their children’s happiness first and others blaming the reality TV star for rekindling their toxic relationship.

Though Ronald’s romantic videos with Lauren dispel any notion that their divorce drama was staged, some people have speculated that it might have been. With all the buzz surrounding Tiffany’s recent wedding and weight loss, she’s bound to be featured in a 90-Day Fiancé spin-off or future season.

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