Are Storm And Natalia Still Together From Below Deck Mediterranean?

Superyacht Home encountered difficulties throughout Season 7 of Below Deck Mediterranean, particularly when the budding romance between second steward Natalya Scudder and new bosun Storm Smith appeared to dissipate. When Storm eventually lost his cool with Natalya during a contentious night out, the two had just recently started dating.

If this marks the end of yet another boatman this season, fans are speculating. In the middle of Natalya and Storm’s difficult night out, in episode 14 of Season 7 of Below Deck Med, “In a Bind,” he chose to promote deckhand Courtney Veale to lead deckhand when Jason Gaskell left. As a result of his tight friendship with Storm, fan-favourite Below Deck Med deckhand Mzi Dempers believed he would be promoted without a fight.

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Below Deck’s Natalya Scudder & Storm Smith

Australian-born Natalya Scudder has a strong affinity for the ocean and travels with a vibrant, resourceful attitude. She landed her first sailing position at the age of 18. On a few different boats, she has held the positions of Chief Stew and Second Stew. Scudder is dedicated to his career while yet having a sense of humour.

Storm Smith was born and raised in South Africa. His upbringing was in South Africa. The majority of Storm Smith’s time is spent outdoors at the beach surfing or fishing. He decided to give yachting a shot. He’s handled 240-foot vessels before.

Below Deck’s Natalya & Storm Instagram

One of the celebs who receive the greatest attention is Nataya and Storm. For their respective works, they are both extremely well-known. They are both well-known celebrities who receive the highest internet searches. Natalya has 237 posts and 44.9K Instagram followers.

She can be found on Instagram as @natalyascudder_. The storm has 608 posts and 28.5k Instagram followers. Stormosmith is his Instagram handle. Check her account for further updates.

After Season 7, Are Storm and Natalia Still Together?

The timing of the topic, in Natalya’s opinion, was awful, and she accused Storm of consistently sabotaging the evening by bringing up work. Storm abruptly got up from the table after Natalya’s outburst and told her to leave his life. This outburst comes after Storm gave Natalya a gold watch and urged they should slow down because they were travelling too quickly.

The interaction perplexed Storm, who reassured her that she may move at any rate she pleased. However, when Natalya’s rage at Kyle Viljoen and Natasha Webb’s sloth grew, she vented it on Storm, who in her opinion did nothing right.

Below Deck tended to their connection following the outburst off the boat, emphasizing that she knew the difference between being in love and not being in love. The fans anticipated when and how Natalya and Storm would reconcile. Sadly, the make-up discussion did not turn out as well as fans had planned.

After Season 7 Storm and Natalia
After Season 7 Storm and Natalia

Storm and Natalya both quickly shut down. Natalya friend-zoned the guy after realizing she didn’t want to spend her time with him if she didn’t envision herself getting married to him. Very similar to Chief Stew Natasha’s affair with Chef Dave White.

Fans are now displeased with Natalya’s callousness toward Storm, who has opened up to her and only received criticism. Some admirers said Natalya repressed her emotions and reacted violently when aroused. Fans did not, however, spare Storm any criticism.

Like Natalya, other viewers believed that Storm had poorly planned the promotion of Courtney; work belongs at work, and as a result of Storm’s desire to be a good bosun, he has turned into a stress ball. However, despite the romance and internal tension, this season has received generally negative reviews from fans.

Season 7 of Below Deck Medical has even been dubbed by some as the worst yet. With fewer than three charters remaining in the season, the cast must have something special in store for viewers and guests. Particularly now that American deckhand Reid Jenkins has joined the crew. There will undoubtedly be more drama on Below Deck Med in the future.

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