Are Shaquille And Kirsten Couples From MAFS Still Together?

Are Shaquille And Kirsten Still Together? Generally speaking, the experts on Married at First Sight have done a good job of guiding hopeful romantics in the right direction, but they do make some mistakes. Perhaps this is the case for Kirsten and Shaquille, who both appeared in Season 16.

When describing herself in the pilot, Kirsten called herself “picky,” which may have been an understatement given her extensive list of requirements. She has stated, however, that she is willing to keep an open mind and heart in the hopes of meeting her soul mate during the course of the social experiment.

But can she trust Shaquille to live up to her lofty standards? Kirsten spoke exclusively to Distractify about her expectations going into the process and her initial impressions, but she would not confirm or deny whether or not they are still together. See what she had to say below!

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Who Is Shaquille Dillon?

Shaquille, who hails from Franklinton, Louisiana, appeared eager to begin his journey on MAFS. Friends called him a “Alpha Man” and a “Gentleman,” and he mentioned that he was ready to settle down now that his finances were in order and his life was going so well.

The Franklinton native also didn’t appear to view marriage as a game, as he sincerely desired to be the ideal life partner for his future spouse. He admitted to seeing a therapist regularly; the therapist, in turn, was assisting him in maturing into a more responsible future spouse.

Not only that, but Shaquille assured everyone that he was completely open to love and trusted the professionals to find him the one. Readers can rest assured that he still makes time to spend with his parents frequently despite his hectic schedule.

Moreover, he frequently updates his followers on social media with news about his family, and they seemed to be fully behind his decision to participate in season 16 of ‘MAFS. At the time of filming, Shaquille was 31 years old and had already had a successful career as a teacher. 

Initial reports state that his professional history includes time spent as a recruiter for both Southern University and A&M College prior to his promotion to the position of Assistant Director of Recruitment. 

Shaquille also revealed on the show that he began working as the Executive Director of Enrollment Management at Wiley College in 2018. In addition, he serves as the Executive Director of Enrollment Services at Tennessee State University.

Who Is Kristen Grimes?

Nashville, Tennessee native Kristen said she’s done well in every area of her life other than finding love. Her failed past relationships can probably be attributed to the fact that men have always been scared off by her and her success. Kristen signed up for ‘MAFS’ in the end because she wanted to meet a man who could keep up with her successful career without feeling threatened by it.

Kristen claimed she wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect because she already has everything a man could possibly want. Kristen, who was 32 during filming, keeps a busy schedule and devotes most of her time to work, but she also makes time to spend with her family and friends. 

She, like Shaquille, is not afraid to brag about her husband and kids on social media. It warms the heart to see how proud her loved ones are of Kristen’s brave decision to participate in Season 16 of “MAFS.”

The fact that Kristen has already had such a successful career and is eager to continue to build on that success will come as a shock to some readers. She began her career as an assistant in the automobile industry and has since risen through the ranks to manage projects at Synergy Business Environments.

Nonetheless, this alumnus of both The University of Memphis and Cumberland University now works as a healthcare recruiter for Trustaff. She also has a real estate licence and has helped Parks Real Estate, based in Greater Nashville, close several deals of significant value. We think this couple has a good shot at lasting because both Kristen and Shaquille are driven and accomplished.

Everything About Shaquille and Kirsten
Everything About Shaquille and Kirsten

Are Shaquille And Kirsten Still Together?

Having one partner in a Married at First Sight couple start out with a long list of requirements can be a recipe for disaster. Look at Alyssa in Episode 14 of Season 14. Real estate agent Kirsten, 32, has very specific requirements for a potential partner, including the size of his “equipment.” Even though the 31-year-old university administrator Shaquille has a lot to offer, he may not be able to compete.

We worry that Kirsten won’t be able to get out of her own way long enough to realise that the accomplished and ambitious Shaq could be a good partner for her, even if he’s not the Prince Charming she imagined meeting at the end of the aisle, because they share a faith and a focus on careers. And no matter how hard Shaq tries to make his wife happy, she probably won’t be satisfied. This couple is headed for the divorce court, experts say.

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