Are Raven And SK Still Together The Couple From Love Is Blind?

Fans of Love is Blind season 2 have wondered if Raven and SK, the show’s no-nonsense, drama-free couple, are still together. The third season of Netflix’s famous dating program with a twist, Love is Blind, has premiered, and the destiny of the show’s current cast(opens in a new tab) and romantic couplings has everyone talking.

There have been several memorable parts, such as Andrew’s fake weeping and Raven’s jumping jacks. The relationship status of the Class of 2022 and their significant others is a matter of great interest to viewers, just as it was for viewers of the first and second seasons of Love is Blind.

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In early November, Netflix released the newest Love is Blind season 3 episode focusing on fan-favourite couples’ weddings. We have investigated what transpired on the wedding day between Raven and SK and if they are still together.

Who Is Raven From Love Is Blind Season 3?

Where did Raven go in Love Is Blind Season case you were wondering, Raven Ross, is a 29-year-old Texan living in Dallas. She described herself in season 3 of Love Is Blind as a “Pilates Instructor.” I’ve never given myself the time ly get to know someone before getting into things was a remark she used to advertise herself.

You can find her on Instagram at @pilatesbodyraven. Her Linkedin profile states she is a trained and certified traditional pilates instructor. Aside from her job as a barre instructor and TriggerPoint foam rolling specialist, she is also a Pilates Master Trainer for Club Pilates. She uses her YouTube channel, PilatesBodyRaven, to share new routines every week.

Who Is SK From Love Is Blind Season 3?

SK Alagbada, also known as Sikiru, is a 34-year-old native of San Francisco. He’s a Texas native who’s called both Dallas and Austin home. SK introduced himself as a “Data Enginein” on the third season of Love Is Blind. The remark used to market him said something like, “I wouldn’t model my relationship off of anyone because I believe it will be uniquely mine.” You may find him on Instagram at @sk4ever2.

His Instagram bio states, “Polymath | Berkeley MBA | Naijaboy Culture | Tech | Lifestyle.” The University of California at Berkeley hosts an accelerator program for startups called UC Launch, and SK is listed as a co-chair on their Linkedin page. Earlier in his career, he had stints at JPMorgan Chase & Co., GM, CGI, and Egencia.

In 2014, he received his bachelor’s degree in science from Baylor University, where he was active in both Model UN and the African Students Association. Also, in 2007, he earned a degree in physical sciences from the University of Ibadan. In addition, in May of 2023, he will get a master’s degree in business administration from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

Did Raven And SK Get Married?

The third batch of episodes was released by Netflix today (8-10), beginning with Raven and SK’s wedding, the first of five weddings that will take place. Raven seems to be floating on air in the lead-up to the wedding, so it is not shocking that she says “yes” laton in the episode.

Despite his mother’s unwavering support of SK and Raven, SK appears more unsettled as the family prepares for the occasion. Raven and SK make emotional promises to one another as they walk down the aisle before the moment of truth arrives. SK initiates, and he responds, “I don’t.” “Things an extraordinarily complicated for us.

I don’t think this is the right moment for us to do this right .now “He says this to Raven as she leaves the venue with a grin on her face but tears in her eyes. As a follow-up, SK gives an interview in which he elaborates on his reluctance to accept the job offer.

He brings up their “unanswered problems,” including her adamant refusal to move to California with him and his worries about her family skipping the wedding. His final words are, “I suppose I would rather lose her than be in a marriage with her where I will feel loads of flaws every day.”

Did Raven And SK Get Married?
Did Raven And SK Get Married?

Are Raven And SK Still Together?

After hearing SK’s words, it’s hard to tell if they’re just friends. Something more is happening between them. After filming wrapped, though, they spoke to WH about the dissolution and their relationship. SK explains that he and Raven said after the wedding: “Raven and I, we got to converse after the wedding.”

“st shared our stories and poured our hearts out to each other. Our current situation is excellent. I’ve packed up and relocated to my new dorm. Now that I’ve moved to California, she’s still in Dallas. We’re on great terms and trying to take things as they come.”

More recently, the answer has been decidedly negative. This is the current state of affairs. For the time being, we’re taking things one day at a time, and I look forward to each new day.” SK said that after filming wrapped, Ravas had the opportunity to spend more time with his family. Interesting.

A common theme ran through Raven’s mind. “My conversation with SK was most certainly successful. We’ve got a lot more tale to tell, and we’re in a great spot right .now “What she says, she says. Don’t miss it! While SK and JC are secretive about their relationship status, a quick social media search revealed that SK was sending money for a “Pilates ladder” on Venmo.

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