Are Raven and SK Still Together? Cheating Rumors and More

Love is Blind season 3 premiered on Netflix in the fall of 2022, and Raven Ross and SK Alagbada quickly became fan favorites. In February 2023, Netflix released Love is Blind: After the Altar season 3, and Raven and SK played significant roles in the reunion episodes of the reality TV series.

Since the publication of After the Altar season 3, there has unfortunately been a lot of turmoil. Well, it began earlier, but we’ll get to that in a moment. Let’s look back at Raven and SK’s relationship from the beginning to the most recent controversy and accusations of adultery.

On Love is Blind, did Raven and SK get married?

In season three of Love is Blind, Raven, and SK became engaged after meeting in the pods. Raven and SK appeared to have the best chance of all the couples of getting hitched at the end of the season. Sadly, things did not turn out that way. Raven asserted that she would have said “yes,” but SK stated he wasn’t prepared to get married. But, their narrative did not finish here.

Are Raven and SK Still Together? Cheating Rumors and More

For reasons of timing, all of this occurs in the summer of 2021.

After the Altar season 3 ended, Raven and SK said on the Love is Blind season 3 reunion, which aired on November 9, 2022, and was shot in the summer and fall of 2022, that they were dating again and had been for a while at this point. This is when they got engaged on the show.

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As it happens, Raven and SK renewed their engagement while filming season three of Love is Blind: After the Altar. By the time of the Love is Blind season 3 reunion, they might already have gotten engaged. Decider claims that Beyond the Altar season, 3’s filming most likely took place in August. Yet again, their narrative is far from over.

Raven revealed SK cheated on her and they broke up

In a statement made about a week after the Love is Blind season 3 reunion aired in November, Raven and SK declared their relationship to be over. Social internet reports that SK was having an affair with Raven were the beginning of it all.

In the third season of After the Altar, Raven confirmed those rumors. The three-episode special’s last segment, shot in a confessional style, was released in February 2023. Raven has been giving interviews since the special aired, providing some additional context. On The Viall Files, she admitted that she learned about the ladies from social media. Nick Viall.

We don’t understand the sequence of events or what happened in detail. From what we do know and what he revealed in an interview with People, SK maintained relationships with several women while he was with Raven. According to the interview, he argues that these were not romantic ties, but Raven also revealed to Viall that SK had brought the woman to Cabo.

In February 2023, SK provided his perspective on the situation.

Since this all began in November, we had not heard from SK at all until the end of February. In a People interview, SK explained his perplexing version of events. He said sorry to Raven. Also, SK made some claims regarding Raven’s interactions with an ex and another man while they were dating. She has reportedly refuted such allegations, according to Source.

The timeline of events that SK describes regarding their relationships is interesting. He gives the impression that things weren’t as bad as they appeared, and that he had been seeing the women before reuniting with Raven after the show.

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As part of his apology, SK also acknowledged having impolite talks with a lady after they decided to be in a “marriage-bound” relationship. This is so muddled! I think it somewhat clarified the situation, but I have a feeling that the drama is just getting started.

In conclusion, it appears that SK didn’t believe they were in a real-life relationship while Raven did, or that SK was playing both sides of the argument. The fourth season of Love is Blind will premiere on Netflix on March 24, 2023. A completely new cast will be present. Two relationships from season three are still going strong!


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