Are Pauly D And Nikki Still Together 2023? How Did They Meet?

As of 2023, DJ Pauly D, aka Paul Michael DelVecchio Jr., is seriously involved with his girlfriend, Nikki Hall, 30. Reports of a breakup between the pair are entirely false. Indeed, Are Pauly D And Nikki Still Together in 2023 as A couple? On the other hand, they haven’t tied the knot or even gotten engaged yet.

If you want to learn more about her, Nikki’s Instagram may be @nikkisaintclaire. Paul Michael DelVecchio Jr., better known as Pauly D and DJ Pauly D, was born in Providence, Rhode Island, on July 5, 1980. In addition to his acting career, he is widely recognized as one of the stars of MTV’s hit reality series Jersey Shore.

Furthermore, Pauly D is the first housemate from Jersey Shore to have his show. He was a famous DJ, and the show focused on his 2012 tour around the United States. After premiering on MTV as DelVecchio on March 29, 2012, the show was rebranded as The Pauly D Project.

In a similar vein, Pauly D and Nikki Hall have been an item since the year 2020. She was a competitor on the 2019 reality show Double Shot at Love, where the two first met.

Fans didn’t get to meet his Nikki until Pauly D introduced her in Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, even though he was already a household name because of his experience on “Jersey Shore.” Fans have been wondering if Nikki is still Pauly’s girlfriend after seeing how much they seemed to adore each other. Now we can reveal our findings!

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Are Pauly D And Nikki Still Together 2023?

Pauly D (@djpaulyd) and Nikki Hall (@nikkisaintclaire), the 30-year-old woman he took a step further in his relationship with after introducing her to his Jersey Shore: Family Vacation castmates, are still together. In 2021, the DJ took their relationship to the next level by introducing Nikki to his daughter, Amabella Sophia Markert, whom he had with his ex-wife Amanda Markert.

The pair celebrated Valentine’s Day 2021 with an endearing social media post that showed how much they cared for one another. The passing of their first year together marked yet another milestone in their relationship. To make Nikki feel special, Pauly D organized a fantastic party.

Pauly D allegedly proposed, but the couple hasn’t commented on the speculation. To all appearances, the pair are enjoying themselves and havee high hopes for their future together. The two of you are so sweet, and we wish you the best as you plan your wedding and future together.


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After dating for approximately two years, the pair, who met on Pauly and Vinny Guadagnino’s dating show Double Shot at Love Season 1, decided to take their love to the next level. Despite not being engaged or married, the couple is no longer hiding their passion and openly celebrating it by bringing Nikki along on Pauly’s DJ tours.

Pauly doesn’t know the future for him and Nikki as a couple. Who knows what tomorrow may bring,” he mused. To put it simply, we’re taking things as they come. Right now, all we want to do is spend time together and enjoy each other’s company.

To Pauly’s relief, Nikki is friendly with the rest of the Jersey Shore crew. Pauly was surprised by how fast Nikki had become a part of the family; everyone loved her. Pauly’s longtime friend Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino says Nikki is “the one” for Pauly.

Pauly is glad and delighted to hear that his Jersey Shore housemates like having Nikki around because they have been a part of his life for over 12 years. Pauly may or may not propose to Nikki in the future, but it’s safe to assume that he sees a long lot for the two.

To the fans’ knowledge, this is the first time Pauly has ever had romantic feelings for a female character. It’s the first time he’s shown to be in a committed relationship on the show. The popularity of Pauly and Nikki’s relationship has led to calls for the two to star in their TV series. Because they have chosen to maintain their relationship’s anonymity, a spinoff is quite unlikely.

How Did Pauly D and Nikki Meet?

Where else than reality TV? The social media star appeared on the first season of Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny. Viewers could tell right away that Pauly and Nikki clicked. He had a daughter, Amabella, with his ex-girlfriend Amanda Markert, but he decided not to pursue a serious relationship with Nikki at the end of season 1.

How Did Pauly D and Nikki Meet?
How Did Pauly D and Nikki Meet?

Relationship Pauly D And Nikki

Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame met Nikki Hall in the pilot episode of their reality series Double Shot At Love. The show follows Pauly D and Vinny as they try to find love among a bunch of women reminiscent of The Bachelor.

When Nikki appeared on the show in 2019, she was 26 years old, and the two immediately assumed they were dating. Despite Nikki’s emotional intensity upon her arrival, Pauly D eventually sends her packing. Yet Nikki came back for season 2, and their Instagram accounts give the impression that they are still together.

Nikki posted a photo of herself and Pauly D dressed up for Halloween to Instagram in October 2022 with the remark “Partner in crime.” Some of Nikki’s fans could assume they are engaged after noticing a ring on her left hand. The two have fun together, but they aren’t engaged just yet.

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