Are Nicole And Azan Still Together ’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars?

Are ’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars Nicole And Azan Still Together? It’s likely highly usual for rumors to spread about the couples featured on 90 Day Fiancé, as those couples have been in the public eye for an extended period. The show stars have become more well-known due to their appearances on the TLC series, and many have gained a following among fans worldwide.

In 2022, whispers are going around that Nicole Nafziger, a cast member from the fourth season of 90 Day Fiancé, is expecting another child. It is unclear why people think the season 4 participant is Nicole And Azan Still Together, so let’s find out more about them.

Who is Nicole Nafziger?

Nicole Nafziger is a famous American reality television personality and businesswoman born in Bradenton, Florida, on November 8, 1993. Her participation in the reality show “90 Day Fiance” brought her much attention and fame. In addition, the famous person, only 25 years old, is the proprietor of a beauty shop.

She appeared on the show that aired on TLC during its fourth season alongside her fiance, Azan Tefou. In addition, Nicole’s weight loss journey has made her rather popular on social media. Additionally, is it true that Nafziger is scheduled to appear in the upcoming season of Happily Ever After on TLC?

Who Is Azan Tefou?

Azan Tefou is a Moroccan citizen by birthright. He is a TV personality who rose to stardom after he and his fiance Nicole Nafziger appeared on the reality series 90 Days Fiancé.
Nicole and Azan first appeared in the fourth season of the program.

The couple had additionally made an appearance on TLC’s “Happily Ever After?” in its most recent season. Agadir, Morocco, is where Azan Tefou is originally from. He is currently 24 years old. There are no specifics about Azan’s family or educational background available due to his dislike of disclosing his personal information to the media.

Tefou hasn’t yet tied the knot. He and his fiancée Nicole Nafziger, with whom he starred on the reality television program 90 Days Fiancée, are currently engaged. The two initially connected using a mobile dating app. His fiance Nicole also has a daughter named May from a previous relationship. However, no other details on May’s biological father have been discovered.

When Did Nicole And Azan Meet?

They first met on season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé, where the Florida native and Azan fought over their cultural differences. Their narrative picked up again the following season when Nicole paid Azan another visit in his home country of Morocco.

In October 2020, despite rumors to the contrary, Nicole and Azan confirmed via Instagram that they were still engaged. Nicole informed Us that she and her boyfriend had broken up less than a year later. The relationship between Azan and me has ended. Even though we loved and respected each other deeply, we weren’t perfect together.

It has become clear that we are unable to continue this path together,” the TLC star announced in a statement in July of 2021. Given how long we were able to hold out, this may come as a surprise to many. However, we ask that you respect both sides and refrain from asking about it frequently as we move forward and recover.

We appreciate everyone who has stood behind us as a team and those who continue to do so now that we’re on our own. And she continued, “[Azan] is a decent guy and deserves to be as happy as I do. I hope the best for him, and we parted ways on good terms.

When Did Nicole And Azan Meet?
When Did Nicole And Azan Meet?

Is Azan and Nicole Together In 2022?

Nicole, a single mother, fell head over heels in love with her Moroccan beau Azan almost instantly. Nicole took her daughter May when she went to Morocco during seasons 4 and 5, but the two did not get married there, partly because Nicole could not locate a K-1 visa sponsor in time.

Nicole has mulled the possibility of moving to Morocco and opening a cosmetics shop with Azan’s family. They are no longer living together as a couple. In July of 2021, Nicole announced she was no longer with Azan.

Like with her reports of her pregnancy and Azan’s death, fans didn’t take Nicole seriously when she declared her divorce from Azan in 2021. This time, though, she is not joking when she says they are breaking up.

There could be many factors at play here, including that Nicole and Azan’s relationship was quite toxic. Many people judged Nicole cruelly after she went to Morocco to see Azan in 2020, blaming her for putting her young daughter in danger to follow a guy who had embarrassed her.

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