Are Ned And Ariel Still Together After Try Guys?

Are Ned And Ariel Still Together? Fans have been wondering if Ned Fulmer and Ariel Fulmer are still together following the scandal involving the former Try Guys member’s infidelity with his staff. After dating for two years, Ned and Ariel tied the knot in 2012. They received their first child, Wesley, in 2018, and their second child, Finley, in 2020. 

Allegations that Ned cheated on Ariel with Alex Herring, a producer at The Try Guys, a video firm Ned co-founded with three ex-Blinkist colleagues, began circulating in September 2022. A Reddit thread (and related Twitter thread) started the myth by pointing out that Ned hadn’t appeared in any of The Try Guys’ recent content, including their three most recent videos, their three most recent intros, or their most recent podcast episode. 

You Can Sit With Us, the podcast Ariel hosts with the spouses of the other members of The Try Guys, hasn’t seen her as of late. While Ned and Alex were spotted in an Instagram photo with The Try Guys advertising Keith’s “Eat the Menu” series at the Caesar’s Palace buffet in Las Vegas, Ned was ultimately omitted from the final cut of the film, leading fans to speculate that there was tension between Ned and The Try Guys. 

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A Reddit user shared what they said were messages from Alex’s fiance, Will Thayer, about the affair and claimed to have seen Ned and Alex kissing at a bar in New York City, fueling the accusations further. So basically I went out to Niagara the club last night and witnessed her making out with ned from the try men, I have vids if needed,” the message to Will stated. 

She was wearing a red dress idk if that helps,” the post went on to say. In addition, the user stated that they discussed the affair with Ariel for an entire hour. Fans also noticed that many people who work at The Try Guys stopped following Alex and Ned on social media. This includes senior editor YB Chang, as well as Keith, Zach, and Eugene. 

Besides making his Instagram account private and unfollowing Alex, Will also deleted any images of the two of them.  After initial denial, Ned admitted he had cheated on Ariel with Alex, as had been widely speculated. After all the infidelity scandal in The Try Guys, have Ned Fulmer and Ariel Fulmer reconciled? What we know about Ned Fulmer and Ariel Fulmer, including whether or not they are still together, is detailed below.

The Try Guys

The Try Guys are not only a well-known entertainment channel on YouTube but also a full-fledged media production outfit. Created by Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, Keith Habersberger, and Eugene Lee Yang. The Try Guys have gained notoriety for conducting several unusual but hilarious experiments, such as shaving their legs, parenting, and dressing in women’s underwear.

While at BuzzFeed in 2018, the four guys created The Try Guys before going on to launch their own company, 2nd Try LLC. Since then, they’ve hired over twenty employees, been featured on a Food Network show, and published a book called The Hidden Power of F*cking Up. In September 2022, following an internal review of his conduct at work, Fulmer was let off from the company. Since October 2022, the network has shown eleven sequel series.

Are Ned Fulmer And Ariel Fulmer Still Together?

If you saw The Try Guys, you probably want to know if Alex Herring’s infidelity affected Ned Fulmer and Ariel Fulmer’s relationship. At the time of this writing, the answer is yes. On September 28, 2022, Ned and Ariel were caught on camera in Los Angeles, walking hand in hand with their wedding bands still on, proving that they were still together.

Ariel donned a gray T-shirt, blue pants, and a water jug, while Ned wore a green T-shirt, black jeans, and sneakers. They both sported wedding bands on their index fingers. Later in the day, Ariel was spotted out and about in a black tank top and leggings, with her wedding ring still securely in place.  On September 28, 2022, Ned posted an Instagram confession that he cheated on Ariel with Alex. The next day, he and Ariel posed for these images.


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Ned wrote, “I’m sorry for any hurt that my actions may have caused to the boys and the fans but most of all to Ariel. Family should have always been my priority but I lost focus and had a consensual professional relationship. Right now, my entire world revolves around my wife and our two young children. Ned has also mentioned Ariel and The Try Guys. The Try Guys also confirmed Ned’s departure from the group in an Instagram post around the same time, citing his affair with Alex as the reason.

No longer associated with The Try Guys, Ned Fulmer has left the company. After careful consideration, The Try Guys concluded, “we do not see a way ahead together.” Please know how grateful we are for your patience and understanding as we work through this transition. Ariel, for her part, posted an Instagram story about the scandal, in which she stated that she and Ned were still together despite his affair with Alex. 

To everybody who has reached out to me, I am deeply appreciative. Ariel stated in a post she captioned with a black heart, “Nothing in the world is more important to me and Ned than our family. All we want right now is that you respect our privacy for the protection of our children.” On his Instagram Story, Ned shared re-posts from both The Try Guys and Ariel.

Ned And Ariel From The Try Guys
Ned And Ariel From The Try Guys

What Happened To Ned?

Rumblings regarding Ned and Alex Herring first surfaced in September 2022. Producing for The Try Guys is Alex Herring. It was said that Ned had an affair with Alex while still married to Ariel. Ned has not appeared in any of the Try Guys’ prior four video or audio introductions. You Can Sit With Us, a podcast that Ariel co-hosts with the spouses of The Try Guys, has been airing without her.

After that, Ned and Alex were featured in an Instagram post about Keith’s “Eat the Menu” series at the Caesars Palace buffet in Las Vegas. Fans also speculated that Ned and The Try Guys were up to no good. Unfortunately, Ned wasn’t included in the film’s final cut. Also, Alex’s fiance Will Thayer opened out about Ned and Alex’s relationship, saying that he and Alex had spotted the two kissing in a New York City club.

It was also observed that other users from the Try Guys group had unfollowed Alex and Ned on Instagram and other social sites. On top of unfollowing Ned, Will has also deleted all of the photos he had with her. Aside from that, he also set his profile to private. After months of speculation, Ned admitted to having an affair with Alex on September 27, 2022, while married to Ariel.

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