Are Nathan And Holly Still Together From Too Hot to Handle season 3?

Are Nathan And Holly Still Together? Even though Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle only recently arrived on Netflix, many of us are already wondering if any of the Too Hot to Handle couples are still together.

Nathan And Holly, who stuck together from the beginning (despite Nathan’s flirting with Brianna), are one such couple this year. They made it to the show’s end together, but what occurred after Lana stopped guiding them and the cameras stopped rolling?

Since filming for the show took place about a year ago in Turks and Caicos, the couple has had plenty of time to put their relationship to the test in the real world. Everything you wanted to know about Holly and Nathan, including whether or not they are still together, is right here.

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Who is Nathan from Too Hot to Handle season 3?

South African-born Nathan Soan Mngomezulu, 24, is a model. When it comes to modelling, he has Next Models on his side. “Nathan is Cape Town’s most infamous party animal, and he always manages to pick up a bunch of hot chicks.

According to his bio, “this free-spirited, fun-loving guy has the gift of the gab and can charm any woman into his bed.” Nathan, a student in the modelling industry and business management, has a lot of energy but a short attention span.

For some reason, Nathan is easily bored. Nathan says he is an “international playboy” who is “in love with the game,” thus, he has no plans to settle down with a wife anytime soon (at least not without Lana’s assistance).

You may find him on Instagram at @Nathsoan. He is “Lana’s most sought,” as his Instagram bio puts it. Nathan introduced himself as an “international playboy” and compared the show (which he was informed was named Pleasure Island) to the “hot Olympics” in his pre-taped video.

I’m involved in the global playboy scene. Alright, enough already. I’ve taken planes across continents to meet new girls for sexual encounters: African languages, English, German, American, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, and Swedish. The places I can think of right now are… I tend to go on many dates at once. It’s like the sensual Olympics were held on Pleasure Island. That’s why I’m competing for the gold.

Who Is Holly from Too Hot to Handle season 3?

American student and model Holly Scarfone, 23, hails from Colorado. Holly, a student in Canada, is a diligent worker and a fun person.

Holly is highly confident and super sexual. She finds partnerships dull and isn’t seeking to settle down any time soon, according to her cast bio, even if she is currently a student and party girl at the University of Colorado.

You may find her on Instagram at @hollyscarfone. More remarkable in real life, as her Instagram bio puts it. Holly mentioned that her family calls her “Hurricane Holly” in her promotional video. To say I’m the outcast in my family would be an understatement.

She explained, “There’s a good reason I’m known as Hurricane Holly. Quite frankly, I’m a heartbreaker. Casual hookups are the best; I always seem to get what I want.

When I converse, I give off a sexual vibe. Yes, even the most mundane things. Specifically, a pan for frying. Basil. Coffee. So hot. Oh my God, I think I just blushed.

Are Holly And Nathan Still Together?

Fans of Too Hot to Handle season 3 are curious whether Nathan And Holly are still dating. When Holly and Nathan started filming the new season, they thought they were on a show called Pleasure Island.

They were both physically attracted to each other initially, but their relationship developed into friendship over time. They started as friends but soon fell in love with one another.

Nathan confessed his feelings for Holly during their last outing together. Holly and Nathan fell in love, but they were the pair who broke the most regulations, eventually reducing their monetary prize to zero. 

But they made up for it when they were put back in the private room together and had to fight off their desires. By the end of the third season of THTH with Olga Bednarska, Holly and Nathan had already said, “I love you,” but their relationship status was still up in the air.

Since season 3 of Too Hot to Handle debuted on Netflix, neither Holly nor Nathan have commented on or disputed rumours that they are dating. The couple may still be under an embargo from THTH producers to keep quiet until a few weeks have passed because they met on a TV show taped over a year ago.

The couples who remained together after filming often confirmed their relationship status a few weeks after the season began streaming in the previous two seasons. They may still be together, but THTH season 3’s Holly and Nathan (and Harry Johnson) is probably only biding their time.

Nathan And Holly From Too Hot To Handle
Nathan And Holly From Too Hot To Handle

Women’s Health Magazine discovered substantial proof that Holly and Nathan maintain communication. The fact that they are both Instagram followers is the first evidence that they are an item of potential interest.

On September 15, 2021, Nathan added further proof when he posted an Instagram photo of himself at a lake. As Nathan loved Holly’s reply, Holly added a fire emoji to the post. This does not confirm that the pair from the reality show is still together, but it does indicate that they maintain some communication.

The South African-born Nathan recently gave an interview to Captial FM, during which he confirmed that he and Holly are still in touch. Nathan told a radio station in London, “We had a terrific time on the show, we had a great time of the show, she came to London, we did our thing.”

We put a hold on things solely because of COVID so I could come to the States to see her, but we’ll see how things pan out this year. Holly added that she and her partner have an “awesome tale” and are grateful for the excellent opportunities she was given during the program.

Whether or not Too Hot to Handle’s Nathan and Holly are still dating in season 3 is up for debate. Even if they aren’t in an official relationship, they try to visit one another whenever possible. Perhaps now that they are promoting the play together, they will reignite their romance.

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