Are Myrla And Gil Still Together From ‘Married At First Sight?

After last night’s airing of the decision day episode, Married at First Sight Season 13 is now over. Ten eligible Houston singles began this season in July 2021 and ended in their first kiss at the altar. The show’s usual level of intensity kept American audiences captivated.

After much speculation, yesterday night’s show revealed that Gil and Myrla, a couple no one thought would endure, had decided to stay together and raise a family. But the most pressing issue is whether or not they are still a couple. What the heck, let’s investigate some rumours…

Are Myrla And Gil’s Relationship Status

One of the most talked about couples from the 13th season of “Married at First Sight,” People say that Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero were a big hit in Houston. According to Us Weekly, the Lifetime series is entering a new and significant phase as it enters its fifteenth season since its initial airing in 2014.

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According to the official profile of the network airing “Married at First Sight,” fourteen of the couples who met on the show are still married and nine babies were born as a result of the show’s pairings.

The Relationship Gurus According to In Touch Weekly, Feria and Cuero were matched by Pastor Cal Roberson, Dr Pepper Schwartz, and Dr Viviana Coles because they shared similar values and had complementary skills and limitations. Fans wanted this couple to find a way to compromise and stay together despite the challenges they had as a married couple.

After the show’s two-month procedure is complete, the couple gets to decide for themselves whether they want to stay married or receive a divorce, as reported by Reel Rundown. For those who couldn’t wait to find out what Cuero and Feria would do, Meaww reports that they decided to stay married. Of all, nobody could have predicted the precise course that their romance would take.

Are Gil And Myrla Still Married?

Gil and Myrla were completely smitten with one another at their wedding. Gil is a dedicated firefighter who adores his wife. However, Myrla was shocked to learn that Gil was bald. This is what started both of their wars. However, Myrla’s feelings for Gil were irresistible. For as long as Myrla could remember, Columbia had been on her bucket list.

Since Gil had experience as a personal trainer, he assured Myrla that he would keep her in shape while she was pregnant. Myrla is an independent young woman who wants to see the world, but she has said that she would prefer going there alone then making any sacrifices to accommodate Gil’s meagre income.

Myrla And Gil’s Married At First Sight Journey

Myrla Feria had a solid support structure as a child growing up in South Texas. Nevertheless, she experienced traumatic events including domestic abuse and hunger at a young age. Instead of letting it depress her, she channelled her energy into a resolve to build a life that was fulfilling in every way.

Only a companion could have made it better. Gilmar “Gil” Cuero is an enthusiastic, idealistic Colombian who joined the production in the pursuit of making his American dream a reality. He assured them of his undying love and commitment.

Experts paired them because they believed their domineering personalities would complement one another. But, in all honesty, Myrla and Gil choose a different path, and it began on their wedding day.  She agreed that he was attractive but had previously mentioned that she was not interested in bald males.

Her extravagant lifestyle, his dog, and their inability to compromise all came up during their initial talk. One of the things the two had in common was a need to establish a family, but it wasn’t enough to keep them together. Myrla and Gil, desperate to save their relationship, continued trying to talk about their history even though it was not working.

Everything was out in the open, from the fact that she had always wanted to visit Columbia to the revelation that both of their mothers only speak Spanish (a language in which they are both competent).

Later, while Gil talked about his enthusiasm for assisting others, Myrla shared the circumstances of her humble beginnings and the reasons for the importance of her high-maintenance lifestyle. They seemed to have gained mutual regard for one another, but there was no obvious chemistry.

Myrla And Gil’s Married At First Sight Journey
Myrla And Gil’s Married At First Sight Journey

Are Myrla and Gil Still Together?

The relationship between Myrla and Gil was the most peculiar thing about that year. They argued over money and their shared dreams for the future more than anything else, and he threatened to divorce her because of the lack of intimacy. Their divergent political perspectives only made things worse.

They were both aware that Gil’s salary as a firefighter rather than a personal trainer would fall short of covering Myrla’s full living costs. Instead of compromising, she gave the impression that she was willing to see the globe alone if necessary.

Gil constantly referred to Myrla as a “brat” and stated that her negative attitude was the cause of their strained interactions. Despite his unwavering commitment to the McAllen, Texas, educator, he eventually admitted to being in love with her. Myrla admitted on Decision Day that she wanted to keep trying to make her marriage work because she married a real man.

We can only speculate about their possible relationship status because neither Myrla nor Gil’s social media accounts are now viewable by the general public. Nevertheless, their trip on “Married at First Sight” and the combination of their strong personalities and lack of chemistry implies that they would not have been able to bridge the gap in their alliance and eventually broke up.

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