Are Mike And Natalie Still Together? Are They Divorced?

Mike and Natalie are household names because of the hit TLC show “90 Day Fiance.” Does anyone know if Mike and Natalie are still together? For months, this has been a hot topic of conversation amongst friends and neighbors.

More than anything else, the show’s relationships pique Nietizens’ interest, although it is undeniable that most of them have ended badly. Indeed, there are always outliers, but the couple we’re focusing on here is not one of them.

Mike and Natalie never really clicked on-screen and fought much of the time. After appearing in season 7, they chose to stay on for season 8. Many supporters hoped that they would finally be able to work out their differences.

And eventually, it did, and in the early part of this year, they set a date for their wedding and began planning their forever together. Things happened, and they decided to call off the wedding, which was yet another letdown for their admirers.

Since then, followers have been curious about whether or not they’ll ever reconcile. Don’t be surprised that the pair on this reality program isn’t what you think they are. The following sections lay out all the details you need to know about Mike and Natalie.

Who Is Mike Youngquist?

Mike became well-known after he was featured on the TLC show “90 Day Fiance.” During the debut of Season 7 on November 3, 2019, he appeared alongside his then-fiancée Natalie.

Mike, now 34 years old and a native Californian, grew up in a somewhat unremarkable town before relocating to the Evergreen State. He is also rumored to be the branch manager for White Cap Power Tools and his TV employment.

Who Is Natalie Mordovtseva?

Mike Youngquist’s ex-wife Natalie is 35, making her his senior by one year. Natalie, a native of Kyiv, Ukraine, is a TV personality and model who sprang to fame after making an appearance on 90 Day Fiance. Mike and Natalie are from different parts of the world, but they met thanks to Mike’s ex-wife, who is also Ukrainian.

Mike and Natalie met after his ex-recommendation wife, and he proposed to her in front of the Eiffel Tower after only a few months of dating. At the moment, Mike and Natalie are spending time apart in Washington and Florida, respectively.

Is ’90 Day Fiance’ Stars Mike And Natalie Divorced?

Season 8 finds Natalie living on his rural farm in Sequim, Washington after her K-1 visa was finally accepted. Unfortunately, things worsened during their 90 days together, and Mike ultimately decided to cancel the wedding the morning before the big day.

Despite getting married in April 2020, In Touch reported in March 2021 that Mike and Natalie had filed for divorce after only one year of marriage. However, as of August 24, 2022, court records show that neither Mike nor Natalie officially initiated divorce proceedings.

Did Mike And Natalie Divorced?
Did Mike And Natalie Divorced?

Did ’90 Day Fiance’ Stars Mike And Natalie Get Back Together?

The blonde beauty will return for season 3 of The Single Life, and Mike will make a guest appearance. The reality star hasn’t had much luck in love, but she still wants to start a family. In the preview for the new season, Natalie is seen reconciling with her ex-husband after a string of failed relationships.

In her diary, Natalie wrote, “I hope I can decide with whom I want to spend the rest of my life.” The next scene finds her bringing flowers to Mike’s farm in Sequim, Washington, which In Touch has learned will be on the market in June 2022. Mike came out to meet her, and the two shared a warm embrace despite being estranged.

In May 2022, the rumors of a possible reconciliation between the exes began when Natalie posted a selfie on her Instagram Stories. She appears to be holding the dog she and Mike had adopted while dating. The former Single Life star fueled the speculation even further on Tuesday, August 23, when she reflected on the first time she communicated with Mike on Instagram.

She captioned a throwback snapshot of the couple when they were young and in love, writing, “Today, seven years ago, I had answered to his guy: ‘Thank you for your good wishes to my country!'” In addition, it irrevocably altered the course of my life.

She revealed another critical piece of information in the thread’s comments. Someone who saw Natalie and Mike in a throwback photo wanted to know if the two were back together. We never really broke up, she suggested.

Are Mike And Natalie Still Together?

Natalie and Mike are officially over and no longer see each other. The couple, who had been long-distance for some time, got engaged after only three weeks of dating.

But there were also times in their relationship, like after Mike visited Natalie in Ukraine, when she called it a “lie” to say she loved him.

When Natalie’s application for a K1 visa was finally accepted, things between them improved. They split up in 2021.

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