Are Lauren and Nate Still Together in 2023?

When The Ultimatum’s first season premiered in April 2022, Lauren and Nate were one of the couples that got engaged. In 2023, will they still be a couple? What we are aware of in their present relationship status is detailed below. After dating for 2.5 years, Lauren and Nate decided to participate in the experiment to see if they were ready to continue their relationship.

In the instance of this couple, both parties desired marriage, but only one wanted procreation. Lauren didn’t share Nate’s desire to marry someday and start a family. Having children is a big deal and usually cannot be compromised.

So, are Lauren and Nate still together? Here’s what we know.

Are Lauren and Nate Still Together in 2023?

In 2023, are Lauren and Nate from The Ultimatum still dating? As of May 2023, Lauren and Nate are still together. In actuality, they have married status. On October 1, 2022, they were wed in Colorado. Numerous members of their friends and family attended their outdoor wedding.

You know which celebrities are still together. Here we see some news about them which are given below:

On his Instagram feed, Nate posted several images from their wedding day. See them listed below. When it comes to having children, Lauren revealed through an Instagram post that she and Nate hope to start a family around the time she is 33.

The Ultimatum: Lauren and Nate’s relationship journey

Lauren and Nate flew to Costa Rica after the first season’s filming, and they shared photos on their Instagram accounts. Although they didn’t share any pictures of themselves, I believe it is safe to conclude that they travelled together. Additionally, Lauren added a flirtatious comment on one of Nate’s photos. Thirst trap (waterfall, not you), she said.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls, babe, Nate retorted. Lauren shared a picture of herself in Colorado on Instagram in October 2021. According to the caption, someone had forced us to travel 45 minutes up a mountain to see this location, but the views did not disappoint. Although she didn’t specifically mention Nate in the caption, it is clear that she was referring to him.

You know which celebrities are still together, so here are some updates:

At one point, Nate was also in Colorado. Then, in November 2021, Lauren shared a sweet photo of them on her Instagram profile to mark their third anniversary, confirming that they were still together. After the event ended, Nate allegedly went to a diamond dealer and had a ring fashioned.

He then brought Lauren to Zilker Park in Austin, Texas, where he renewed his proposal. Later, they took a road trip through Colorado, searching for a wedding destination and discovered the ideal location. They then decided to get married on October 1, 2022. The Ultimatum: Queer Love, a spin-off from The Ultimatum, will debut on Netflix on May 24.


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