Are Kyra And Cashel Still Together In 2022 From Love Island?

Are Kyra And Cashel Still Together? The premiere of the American adaptation of the eponymous British dating competition reality show took place in July 2019. It takes place in a lavish mansion where a group of rivals (the “Islanders”) have been sequestered.

To keep their tournament hopes alive, the Islanders must team up with a fellow islander. For the winning duo, it doesn’t matter if they do it for love, friendship, or the cash prize of $100,000. As the show progresses, the competitors may re-couple depending on how well they get along with their present partner and the other Islanders. 

No scandal can happen off-screen in a show that’s always being watched.  Kyra Green and Cashel Barnett were one of the show’s most intriguing couples in the first season. The couple’s traumatic trip on the show, combined with the two of them having great chemistry, won them a lot of fans. 

It’s been a while since either one of them has been in the public eye, so their admirers are probably wondering if they’re still together or whether they’ve broken up. This is what we discovered, anyway.

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Kyra and Cashel’s Love Island Journey

Kyra and Cashel’s travels on the show got started at different times. Cashel, a native of Sacramento, was one of the first participants to arrive on Fiji Island, and she quickly found love with fellow contender Caroline “Caro” Viehweg. Caro was initially head over heels in love with Cashel, and she felt the same way about him.

At some point on Day 2, Kyra joined the rest of the Islanders. Kyra was given a surprise when she was given the freedom to choose any other Islander who would like to couple up with her. Kyra’s decision to pair up with Cashel was sure to cause friction within the group, especially for Caro.

The speed with which Kyra and Cashel bonded led many to believe that they would ultimately end the game as a team. After the show’s midpoint, Kyra ended her relationship with Cashel and began dating Eric Hall. This tragic pairing, however, was doomed to fail and was ultimately responsible for their demise.

Kyra’s decision to win Cashel back came after she understood how she felt about him after he was ousted. Contrarily, Cashel showed his affection for Kyra by returning to Fiji to tell her he wanted to give their relationship another try. Do Kyra and Cashel still get along now that the cameras aren’t following their every move?

Kyra And Cashel Barnett’s Relationship Ends

The musically talented pair, who launched their own YouTube channel, broke up in October after providing one of the most unexpected pairings in the U.S. edition, when Kyra decided to leave the show to see whether she still had a shot with Cashel after sending him home… only he had already come back.

By the month’s end, though, they had patched things up and were announcing their reunion with Instagram followers.

Unfortunately, they broke up (maybe permanently?) in February of 2020, when Cashel discovered on the #NoFilter show that Kyra had stopped following him on social media. It was a good effort on both of our parts,” he remarked. “Maybe we’re just at different junctures in life right now… Being completely forthright, I believe she has blocked my number.” They recently confirmed Cash’s relationship with Alexandra Karacozoff.

Kyra And Cashel Barnett's Relationship Ends
Kyra And Cashel Barnett’s Relationship Ends

Are Kyra And Cashel Still Together?

Ex-Love Island USA contestant Cashel Barnett introduced his new girlfriend, Alexandra Karacozoff, on Instagram. Cashel was a regular on the inaugural season of Love Island USA on CBS, which was based on the successful British version of the same name and premiered last summer.

Cashel and Caro dated early on in the series, but he eventually broke up with her to pursue a romantic relationship with Kyra Green, a newcomer to the island. Cashel, a model and musician, fell hard for Kyra, a musician and aspiring actress from Los Angeles.

When the season was about halfway through, Kyra dumped Cashel for the bad guy Eric, despite the fact that they had a lot of chemistry. Later in the season, after her couple was voted the least popular, Cashel was sent home.

Cashel and Kyra got back in touch after the season concluded to give their romance another shot. They dated on and off for a while, but broke up for good in the end. Following their breakup, neither celebrity has spoken publicly about their subsequent relationships or dating activities.

Cashel’s Instagram has been flooded with intimate photographs of him and an attractive unknown woman. Alexandra Karacozoff, or “Ally” for short, is the name of the mysterious woman. Because of their shared interest in hiking and listening to music, the two seem to have hit it off. Some of Alexandra’s Instagram posts suggest that she is a musician.


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Together with Cash, she shared videos of a touching duet. They manage to keep their long-distance romance going strong and looking great. In a blog post from August, Cashel revealed an additional layer to his blossoming romance with Alexandra by calling her his best friend.

There was no denying Cashel’s feelings for Kyra throughout his time on Love Island USA. After much persuasion on Kyra’s part, Cashel consented to the plan for the couple to maintain flexibility. He kept faithful to Kyra even after all the new, attractive islanders arrived.  Kyra didn’t realize how she really felt about Cashel until after he was replaced by Eric. 

After a successful autumn period together, Kyra ended their February 2019 Instagram followership by unfollowing Cashel. Despite the fact that Cashel didn’t locate the one on the island, he may have finally found her in Alexandra. Fans of Cashel will soon have a new group of eligible hotties to obsess over, though, as Love Island USA returns to CBS’ summer program.

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