Are Kye And Lizzy Still Together Or Split To Each Other?

Are Kye And Lizzy Still Together? Kye Kelley is a local New Orleans celebrity who appears frequently on the show Street Outlaws. Kelley, in particular, has been a fixture on the rails since he was legally able to drive in his home state of Mississippi.

However, Lizzy is a celebrity driver with over 230,000 Instagram followers. Lizzy is a fitness nut and speed demon. As a bonus, she is a frequent participant in Street Outlaws. Kye and Lizzy are a couple who has been together for some time. What we do know is detailed below.

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History of Dating Kye and Lizzy 

Kye Kellly wed Alisa Mote in 2015, and the following year, they became parents to their first child. Rumors of an affair between Kelly and Lizzy spread online, making for a rocky adjustment to married life.

Kelly and Alisa divorced after only a year of marriage, and he soon after publicly acknowledged his relationship with fellow racer Lizzy.
Their romance was not without its share of highs and lows. There were rumors of a breakup and separate relocation for the couple in 2017.

Even more drastically, Lizzy sold the home they shared. People have been wondering if they are still together and are still highly perplexed by their connection. Please read on to discover the solutions to your problems.

Are Kye And Lizzy Still Together?

Despite the hardships they’ve endured together, the couple has remained steadfast in their commitment to one another. They are still very much together, and yes, Kye And Lizzy are deeply in love.

In August 2015, Kye married his first love, Alisa, a nurse; they have a daughter together, Kendaeigh. The couple ended their relationship quickly but agreed to raise their child jointly. Having Lizzy in his life restored his faith in romantic love.

Kye and Lizzy have been dating for years and have been seen together in public on multiple occasions. Kye proposed to Lizzy on the 2nd of November, 2021, by getting down on one knee. They just got engaged and plan to make their wedding announcement very soon.


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Kye Kelley’s Ex-Wife, Alisa Mote

Although few specifics about Alisa Mote’s life are known, she was born on February 18, 1992, and her birthplace is listed as Gills Burg, Mississippi. Her mother, Brenda Martin, is known to be her mother, but her father’s name has yet to be revealed.

Alisa has a sister named Crystall Simmons and a brother named John Daniel Mote who both played important roles in her upbringing. Parklane Academy is where the ex-wife of the professional race car driver had her primary and secondary schooling.

Alisa Mote attended Walden University after graduating from high school in 2017 and is now a registered nurse. The young nurse didn’t spend any time getting a job, and now she’s a Flex-Ability nurse at the North Oaks Health System in Hammond, Louisiana.

The Mississippi native appears to be an active volunteer at least one school, as she has tweeted about her experiences in the classroom and the children’s accomplishments.

After becoming engaged on March 21, 2014, Alisa Mote and Kye Kelley, the top driver for Street Outlaws, tied the knot in August 2015. Shortly after their wedding, the Kellys welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Kenadeigh Alexa Kelly.

Sadly, the couple’s marriage began tfaltered7, well before their daughter turned one. Alisa’s daughter Kenadeigh is her first kid, while Kye’s daughter from a prior relationship makes Kenadeigh his second child.

What Has She Been Up To Since The Divorce?

Alisa Mote seems to be taking her own time getting back into the dating game, in contrast to her ex-husband who didn’t let the grass grow under his feet when it came to starting a new relationship with another lady.

The woman who was formerly married to Kye Kelley posts frequent photos of her cute daughter on social media, suggesting that she is thoroughly enjoying motherhood. Kenadeigh, now well into her second year, frequently joins her mother for impromptu outings and sheer joy.

Alisa seems to have adapted well to her new life as a single mother, whether or not she is in a relationship. Although Alisa spends a lot of time on social media, she rarely shares details about her personal life or romantic relationships, making it difficult to understand how she is feeling. 

On one occasion, however, she allegedly allowed her sentiments for her ex-husband to show when she posted a status update to Facebook in which she called his new girlfriend TRASH.

The Real Reason Kye And Lizzy Broke Up
The Real Reason Kye And Lizzy Broke Up

The Real Reason Kye And Lizzy Broke Up

Neither Alisa Mote nor Kye Kelley has come forward with an explanation for the breakdown of their marriage. It would appear that neither party has much to grin about regarding their previous relationship, but Kye in particular is not in a perfect mood because he has already begun to publicly display his affection for another woman.

Though his quick rebound from his breakup with Alisa surprised some, rumors of an affair between Kye and Lizzy Musi had been circulating for quite some time. This sparked rumors that Lizzy was the mysterious trigger for the couple’s split. Nonetheless, no one involved has seen fit to issue a public statement of confirmation or denial.

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