Are Kaz And Diana Still Together Form Dated And Related?

Are Kaz And Diana Still Together? It seems like every other month a new reality dating show debuts on television, joining the likes of Love Island, Too Hot to Handle, and Love Is Blind. Netflix’s newest addition, Dated & Related, is about sibling pairings who try to find love while being each other’s ultimate wingman (or impediment).

Kaz Bishop and Diana Parsijani, the show’s winner couple, found each other and went home with $100,000 (£86,477). But after Dated & Related, did Kaz and Diana stay together? Below, we explore the characters’ lives after the series finale.

Spectators will recall that the siblings Kieran Bishop and Nina Parsijani, who were paired with Alara Taneri and Daniel Perfetto, respectively, also made it to the show’s final. At this time, it is unclear if Kaz and Diana are still together after their Dated & Related experience. Although both prize recipients call London home.

Neither party is disclosing much about their relationship on social media. It’s possible that the makers of Netflix’s newest reality show aim to keep viewers wondering. Bustle has asked Kaz and Diana about their relationship and will update if they respond.

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Diana and Kaz’s Dated and Related Journey

There was undeniable chemistry between Kaz And Diana the instant their eyes met during the introductions in the villa with their twins and the rest of the sibling cast members. Because of this, the latter didn’t think twice about approaching her within a matter of hours, and she responded positively to his candor before concluding that, while there is chemistry, she needed more time to get to know him.

This is because the 29-year-old woman has a short fuse and places a high value on trust, all of which contributed to her disappointment when her boyfriend agreed to go out with Corrina Roppo the following night.  Despite the presence of both of their brothers, Diana departed the room as soon as the 30-year-old firefighter declared the date to have been “excellent,” indicating her level of commitment.

So, not long after, Kaz went out of his way to track her down, where he expressed regret for having accidentally damaged her feelings and reaffirmed his undying devotion to her alone with a passionate kiss.  The fact that she was able to admit that her trust concerns stemmed from her past experiences helped pave the way for a healthy foundation for their relationship, as did his conversation with Corrina to smooth things over.

Diana and Kaz’s Dated and Related Journey
Diana and Kaz’s Dated and Related Journey

Although Kaz admitted in his first confessional that he is “a bit of a player” and that it would take a lot to get him to settle down, he made an almost immediate commitment to Diana because he recognized her as unique.

Even though they were the first couple in the villa, none of them was swayed by any of the other cast members, and they managed to keep their relationship strong despite the drama surrounding their siblings’ (Kaz and Nina) breakup.

Yes, they had their share of petty disagreements, but by keeping an open mind, having meaningful conversations, and spending quality time together, they were able to overcome their differences and move forward.

Are Kaz And Diana Still Together?

Kaz, who isn’t particularly demonstrative or articulate, solicited his twin brother’s assistance for their final leg of the voyage so that he could impress Diana on their date. He prepared a private space with rose petals and champagne, then he pulled a “Love, Actually” and wrote down his thoughts on notecards for her to read.

The final notecard read, “I love you!” Do you want to be my girlfriend? “Diana, of course, agreed, saying, “Yes! ,” which started the beginnings of a much more serious relationship between them. Just by being himself, he managed to alter her perspective on men, and she, in turn, altered his behavior in romantic relationships.

As a result, it came as no shock when Kaz and Diana won the $100,000 prize, decided by votes from the other contestants. Consequently, we are relieved to inform that the London natives appear to be getting along swimmingly; it is unknown whether they are still romantically involved, but their persistent online communication testifies to their friendship.

It’s our hopeful assumption that Kaz and Diana are still together given that they made it through this ordeal together and have similar values and a same foundation. As of this writing, they have made no definitive statements either way.

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