Are Jake Paul And Julia Rose Model Sky Bri Still Together ?

In this article, we will discuss whether Jake Paul And Julia Rose are Still Together or not. Sky Bri, a model for OnlyFans, claims that YouTuber Jake Paul instructed her to publish about their s*xual encounter in order to anger Paul’s ex-girlfriend, the Instagram sensation Julia Rose. If the reports of a popular OnlyFans founder are to be believed, Jake Paul and his ex-girlfriend Julia Rose are having a bit of a fight.

After Paul broke up with ex-girlfriend Tana Mongeau, he and Rose appeared to be a serious couple for a spell. But it seems the couple has been having some difficulties over the past year or two, and they famously broke up in March 2022 when he was caught kissing OnlyFans model Sky Bri on the beach… and even got matching tattoos with her.

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Are Jake Paul And Julia Rose Still Together?

We need to look at their past breakups to answer that issue. In the year since they first met in 2019, they had broken up more than four times. It made headlines in 2019 when Jake Paul And Julia Rose announced their split. He was also seeing Tana Mongeau at the time. Shortly after Paul’s breakup with Mongeau in 2020, he and Rose resumed their relationship. Paul embarked on an NFT venture in 2021 under the name StickDix.


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Then, he updated Twitter, which only served to further agitate the situation. He ended things with Rose this time because she failed to make even one StickDix NFT. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the end of it. There were rumblings of a split in 2022, and in April of that year, it finally happened. Jake Paul confirmed in a video that he and Rose were no longer together. While training for his bout with Anderson Silva, he stated in an October blog post that Julia was thrown out of the boxing ring.

The two started dating again after some time had passed. Paul broke the news of their quick split on Instagram in December. Due in no small part to their antics, the pair has come to represent the archetypal drama archetype in the sport of boxing. A PFL debut is in the works for Jake Paul. What will happen in the future between these two is anyone’s guess.

Julia Rose & Jake Paul’s Relationship
Julia Rose & Jake Paul’s Relationship

Julia Rose & Jake Paul’s Relationship

In 2020, Jake Paul, then 25, and Julia Rose, then 28, burst onto the scene. Since then, though, things have been a bit tense between them. The Instagram model and the YouTuber-turned-boxer met on the set of a music video, and their relationship swiftly progressed into something more serious. The couple has split up and gotten back together multiple times in the past two years, proving that they are famous powerhouses.

Paul’s return to professional boxing on August 6 at Madison Square Garden has generated renewed interest in the couple. Due to Tommy Fury’s withdrawal from their scheduled fight, Jake will take on Hasim Rahman Jr. He previously kissed Julia following his December 2021 knockout victory over Tyron Woodley, the defending UFC champion.

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