Are Isha and Michael Still Together in 2023? Relationship Timeline

Twentysomethings: Austin surprised viewers on Netflix. Eight “twentysomethings” were grouped for this reality television program in the hopes that they would discover love, start new lives for themselves, or at the least, hook up. The program, which was pleasantly devoid of drama, followed the exploits of these young adults as they investigated their new living situations and traveled through the new connections and relationships that ineluctably formed.

The four men and the four women share a home, and this is how Isha Punja, 24, and Michael Fractor, 23, became friends. The four women live in one house, while the four males live just next door. Fans are curious to learn the state of this couple’s relationship now because the season concluded with people wondering if they remained together.

Are Isha and Michael Still Together in 2023? Relationship Timeline

Michael Fractor and Isha Punja Relationship status between today

Michael left Isha at the end of episode 12 to pursue a life in Los Angeles, only to turn around and tell Isha and the rest of the world that he had changed his mind and was now following his heart. In the most epic and romantic moment, he returned to the scene and told Isha that he had returned to get her, saying, “I’m discovering that a job’s a job.

There are many of them, but Isha is the only one. The issue is that they were silent on social media following the performance, and since they haven’t made their relationship “Instagram official,” there hasn’t been any formal declaration that they are a real-life couple.

You know which celebrities are still together here we know some news about them which is given below:

These can be luring viewers in so they watch more.

Michael Fractor and Isha Punja may be a pair and still be together given that they left off as boyfriend and girlfriend. The fact that they haven’t made any formal declarations regarding their relationship status may be due to a request from the show’s producers. It would only make sense that more viewers will tune in when Twentysomethings: Austin finally returns to Netflix after a lengthy hiatus.

Isha Punja and Michael Fractor are still social media followers of one another.

The internet contains some suggestions for those looking for information on whether or not Isha and Michael have kept up their romantic relationship after the cameras stopped running. The simple fact that they continue to follow one another on social media is one of the major cues that fans have to work with. When a couple separates, they often stop following one another relatively fast. Naturally, nobody wants to hear of their ex’s new relationships. It’s a very solid indication that their relationship is still going strong since they continue to follow one another.

Michael and Isha send each other pictures.

Eagle-eyed admirers will notice that these two are still posting photographs of one another online, which is a definite indication that they’re not just still together but are thriving and building memories together. Even though they aren’t a couple, the pictures they post of one another on social media show that they are at the very least very close friends who continue to spend a lot of time together and move in the same direction.

The Family of Michael Fractor Dons Isha Punja’s Clothes

Michael made a special effort to buy a pricey jacket from Isha’s clothing business, Hut Mentality, during an intense episode of Twentysomethings: Austin. He helped her out even though he didn’t have much money to spare because she needed some sales to save her company.

After Season 12, that same jacket returned on social media, and it did so in the most unexpected manner. Many have speculated that Isha may have met Michael’s family or, at the absolute least, that they support and approve of her because Michael’s sister was spotted wearing it.

“Misha Memories” Are Mentioned By Isha

Isha Punja continues to be captivated by Michael Fractor as seen by the extent to which she shares his photos on social media. Which Misha moment is your favorite? she asked in the caption of a set of photos she had uploaded online of herself and Michael. It’s a pretty solid indication that the two of them are not just an official couple, but also one with a cute nickname that she appears to be extremely proud of.

Isha Punja’s LinkedIn Profile Clue

Not just Instagram is a good place to look for hints online. Isha’s LinkedIn page informs readers about her love life in addition to her career. She is now listed as being in Los Angeles, which also just so happens to be where Michael was going after the show. It appears that Isha may have followed him to Los Angeles rather than staying in Austin, which is very telling and would be the ideal way for their story to continue. Isha had previously mentioned staying in Austin.

Michael Fractor and Isha Punja’s New Year’s Eve

It’s a significant deal to start a new year together, and Instagram has confirmed that Isha and Michael did so for 2022. They shared a sweet photo of themselves looking like they were having a blast. They appeared to have begun the new year the way they would like it to continue—together, surrounded by friends.

Michael Makes A Hint That Isha Is His Girlfriend

Michael published a description of how 2021 began and concluded on Instagram at the beginning of the new year. In 2021, he shared a photo without Isha and stated, “No girlfriend,” as the first sentence of his assessment of the year’s events. He and Isha were shown together towards the end of the year, and his “no girlfriend” status was absent. Isha commented, “Luckiest dude in the world,” in response to that post.

You know which celebrities are still together, so here are some updates:

Michael Fractor and Isha Punja parted ways as a couple.

Episode 12 is the only place to look if you want to piece together Isha and Michael’s relationship status using facts. They undoubtedly ended the show as a very emotionally linked couple. The final element that fans can rely on is Michael’s romantic comeback and how he revealed that he returned to pursue a relationship with Isha. dispozitie”)


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