Are Isha And Michael Still Together 2023 Stars From Twentysomethings: Austin?

Twentysomethings Austin is a Netflix reality show find out Are Isha And Michael Still Together 2023, that follows eight complete strangers as they share a house for a week in Austin, Texas, and talk about the highs and lows of their individual lives with one another. There are no limits in the home, so the performers can experiment with their personalities and have a good time.

Both 6-episode seasons of the Netflix original series “TwentySomethings Austin” have now debuted. The eight residents included the promising duo of Isha Punja and Michael Fractor. I mean, what happened after the curtain call?

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Are Isha and Michael Still Together In 2023?

To everyone in their twenties: Season 5’s climactic events required the cast to vacate their Airbnbs, even though many of them intended to stay in hip Austin. The move forced all the stars to make important decisions about their professional futures, and Michael ultimately decided to return to California. On the other hand, Isha was set on staying in Austin to see her apparel firm, Hut Mentality, through to its full potential.

Michael had already said goodbye to Isha and was preparing to go back to California when he had a change of heart about the relocation. Michael went back to the AirBnB after Season 1 concluded and assured Isha that he would remain in Austin for as long as she desired. A job is a job, Michael said on the program. “There may be a lot of them, but there’s only one Isha.”

They left the program as a couple, but there has been no official announcement about their current relationship status. Isha And Michael continue to follow each other on Instagram, and their interactions there have been friendly thus far. There are a number of signs that their romance is still going strong, but neither one of them has said as much.

On December 20th, Michael shared an Instagram Story with a selfie of himself and his sister Isha wearing the Hut Mentality jacket he had purchased in Austin. In the photo’s caption, he simply wrote, “My Queen.” Isha’s main Instagram account features images from several of her and Michael’s photoshoots.

Who is Isha Punja?

Isha Punja graduated from Berkeley College with a degree in finance and now runs her own apparel company with the aid of her parents. She believes she possesses a high level of intelligence but acknowledges that she occasionally says things that come off as quite ditzy.

To better serve her employer, she moved to the great state of Texas, the Lone Star State. She recruits Indian mediums for her company, Hut Mentality. All of her works are handmade by artisans in remote regions of India. Her designs appeared in the British issue of Vogue and were showcased at New York Fashion Week.

Who is Michael Fractor?

Michael Fractor hopes to begin his professional career as a stand-up comedian. In 2021, he began seriously considering it as a career option. His relocation to Austin was an effort toward this goal. His humor is quite arid, and he finds great delight in dad jokes. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a Jewish person who is also a bit odd,” he remarked.

Michael and Isha’s Twentysomethings: Austin Journey

As both Michael Aaron Fractor and Isha Punja were mostly focused on getting to know their new roommates, there wasn’t much of a spark between them when they first met. As a matter of fact, the latter had come in with the intention of never dating within the group for fear of complications, but after talking to Bruce Stephenson, she began to reconsider.

Michael and Isha’s Twentysomethings: Austin Journey

Although Michael went on a few dates with other women before he realized Raquel Daniels was flirting with him, they all ended badly. Soon, though, the excitement died down, and Isha and Michael’s story began.

After getting the go-light from Raquel, Isha said that Michael was “the cousin of her type” and that she found him appealing in a chat. She then initiated a straightforward yet brave one-on-one conversation with him over tacos, which led to the two of them agreeing to go on their first date.

After that, Michael went to Isha’s mini-golfing, where he made her giggle hysterically and did some corny but cute dance movements to give her the shivers. The fact that he was able to pass her mother’s “vibe check” and that she didn’t mind him being a virgin only strengthened their bond.

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