Are desktops always better than laptops when it comes to gaming?

Anyone following the latest computer and technology trends knows that over the last five years building your own gaming PC has become a huge hobby and a goal for many gamers. Having the ideal gaming rig and setup is something that gamers become heavily invested in. They do in-depth research on every part of the computer, comparing specs and price points before buying each piece in order to create the ultimate gaming machine. Building a gaming desktop can become a very personal, creative project.

The gaming setup allows for even more creativity and self-expression. Having the right accessories, chair, desk and decor all matter. They have technical and aesthetic purposes. LED lights are a particularly popular part of many gaming setups.

All the work that goes into gaming desktops makes it seem obvious that desktops — even store retail ones — are the perfect machine for gaming. Is this really the case though? This article will look at whether it’s true that desktops are always better than laptops when it comes to gaming.


If you’re interested in being able to play games in different locations, a laptop is better than a desktop. Some games require such incredibly high specs to run with the highest graphics settings, and those are generally better to play on desktops. That isn’t the case with every kind of game though.

One example of this kind of game is online casino games. Since online slot machine games are designed for desktop and mobile devices, they don’t require the same high-level specs to play at top quality. What does matter more is being able to play in the pockets of free time that you have.

In countries around the world where online gambling is very popular, from the United States to the Philippines to the Nordic countries, playing at online casinos is an activity that people enjoy in a variety of different ways. Some people only play at home, but many people prefer to play in their spare moments of time, such as during a break from work or while hanging out with friends. In these cases, laptops are preferable.

Another thing to be aware of are your preferred payment methods. Some payment apps, including most digital wallets and services like GCash, can only be used on mobile phones. The other major payment methods, such as bank transfers, credit/debit cards and payment apps like PayPal can be used on any type of computer. This means your gaming device choice shouldn’t be limited by how you prefer to pay.

Heat and noise

Anyone who has pushed their computer a bit harder than they were supposed to knows how loud a computer can be. Since there is less room within the case of a laptop for fans and the smaller size means that the heat they generate is highly concentrated, gaming laptops are much hotter and louder than desktops.

If you’re playing an intense first-person shooter game such as the soon to be released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, you don’t want to be taken out of the immersive experience by the loud whoosh of your laptop’s fan or have to pause your game to let it cool down.

When building or choosing a gaming desktop, it’s possible to customize it to make it as quiet as possible. It’s also easier to build it in such a way that heat is more evenly dispersed so that it doesn’t heat up as quickly. If you prefer a quieter, cooler playing experience, then a desktop is better for you.


The perfect gaming computer — whether it’s a desktop or a laptop — is going to be an investment. Gaming laptops tend to be slightly less expensive than desktops but there are usually some trade-offs in terms of speed and graphics quality.

Where cost is concerned, the deciding factor depends on what you’re looking for in a gaming computer. Paying a bit less for a laptop that makes you frustrated because it’s too slow for your favorite games isn’t a good savings. As with all big purchases, the cost needs to be weighed against the value.

Screen size

The main area where laptops can’t compare with desktops is in screen size. Even the biggest laptop screens usually aren’t bigger than 15”, with the largest available on the market being just over 17”. This is still a good size screen for most gamers.

Gamers who love a big screen and feel like having a massive monitor makes the gaming experience more immersive choose to play on gaming desktops. The biggest desktop monitor currently on the market is 49” and curved. While most monitors are closer to 30”, that’s still about twice as big as the average laptop screen. With desktops, it’s also easier to set up a dual monitor system. That can be a bit much for some gamers, but for others, it makes the experience even better.

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