Are David Dobrik and Taylor Dating? Relationship Status

Taylor Hudson, his assistant, is rumored to be David Dobrik’s girlfriend in 2022. Who is the famous YouTuber dating right now after a failed marriage and failed relationship? David Dobrik, a Slovakian content creator and one of the wealthiest online personas, is only 25 years old, but his admirers frequently inquire about his love life and romantic relationships. Despite his successes and accomplishments, the most popular information about him is his relationship.

who is David Dobrik dating now?

David Dobrik acknowledged that over the course of his 23-year life, he had only ever had one relationship. In the past, he dated popular YouTuber Liza Koshy. After dating for years, the two decided to split up in 2017 after recognizing their unbridgeable differences.

Are David Dobrik and Taylor Dating? Relationship Status

In a video they made jointly, Liza and David admitted they had attempted to be together but had been unable to do so because of how toxic their relationship had become.

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The breakup was started by his ex-girlfriend, and he acknowledged that he was also not feeling well. The couple came out in an emotional video after having self-realization. During this challenging time in their lives, they did receive a lot of love and support from their followers.

Is Taylor Hudson and David Dobrik dating? Explaining the Assistant Relationship

Taylor Hudson, the assistant David Dobrik, is not dating anyone. Fans were almost certain that they were dating or hooking up because they worked together professionally and share a home. Dobrik has, however, been associated with his helper before.

He was said to have been dating his lifelong friend Natalie Mariduena, who was his then-assistant at the time, in 2020. Both of them dismissed the rumors, claiming that it was only a ruse to establish a social media presence. We cannot discuss the rumors without mentioning the personas they created for themselves on social media.

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David Dobrik Failed Marriage and Ex-Wife

As a prank, David Dobrik married Lorraine Nash, the mother of comedian Jason Nash, in 2019. The couple called it quits after just one month of marriage. In one of his performances, Jason declared that he would never find love.

Dobrik quickly reacted to this by proposing to his wife and becoming his stepfather. He wrote in a hilarious message following the official separation that it was inevitable when two young people rush into discovering love.


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