Are Craig And Paige Still Together? When Did They Meet?

Many Southern Charm fans want to know if Craig Conover, 33, and Paige DeSorbo, 29, are still together as season 8 airs in 2022. On June 23rd, the show returned for its eighth season, bringing with it both returning cast members and newcomers to the Bravo hit. Craig has been a part of Southern Charm since its inception in 2014.

Famously, the cast members and their exes are often forced to interact at events for the Bravo show. Therefore, the actors are used to dealing with conflict in their relationships. Most viewers in 2022 are curious about the romantic status of Craig and Paige rather than any of the other couples on the show. Must check Are Vanessa And Colt Still Together?

Who Is Craig Conover?

The American businessman, attorney, TV personality, reality TV star, social media influencer, and entrepreneur Craig Conover (born February 9, 1989) is a well-known figure. Craig has gained fame as a member of the cast of the hit reality show Southern Charm. It was in 2014 that he first appeared on the show.

Conover has also made appearances on shows like Summer House, Winter House, and The Domenick Nati Show, among others. Craig, based on his LinkedIn profile, is a lawyer who also heads up the Conover Law Firm.

Who Is Paige DeSorbo?

Paige DeSorbo, a reality TV star, and social media personality was born on November 6, 1992. Paige is a Fashion Host for Amazon Live and she was born and raised in New York.

She first appeared on the 2019 season of Summer House and has since guest starred on the spinoff, Winter House. Paige has more than 636K followers on Instagram thanks to her regular posting of outfits and beautiful photos.

When Did Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo begin dating Craig Conover, of Southern Charm?

At the beginning of Winter House, Craig was already in a relationship with Natalie Hegnauer, but that didn’t stop him from harboring a secret desire to be with the stylish woman. As Paige and Andrea Denver continued to play, viewers saw brief glimpses of them connecting.

Paige and Craig’s relationship began as a platonic friendship but has since turned into something more serious. Months of rumors culminated in the confirmation that the two were dating. Fans of the Bravo show are now more interested than ever in learning the precise moment when Cupid made his move.

Thankfully, a timeline detailing the development of their love story is public knowledge. Paige and Craig first met at network events before they were featured on the show together. Since Paige and Craig were both involved with other individuals at the time, their chance encounters never progressed.

On the first day of February 2021, the two met for the first time as they entered the ski chalet where they would be staying for the next few weeks. Paige and some of her friends took a trip to South Carolina after filming wrapped on the crossover series in April of 2021. Some of her pictures had Craig and Austen Kroll lurking about. It was speculated that the couple began dating around Memorial Day.

When the summer of 2021 finally arrived, the Summer House crew was able to take advantage of the vibrant local nightlife. During the new season’s production, there was a lot of extra partying and even several sightings of Craig among the cast. Now that the audience knows, they may look forward to cameos from Craig from Summer House.

When Summer House fans saw Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula at their wedding in September 2021, they found out the couple was dating. Paige and Craig’s friendship progressed to the point where they were comfortable enough to discuss each other in interviews beginning in October 2021. They complement one other so well that onlookers start to wonder if they’ve finally found their soul mate.

Timeline Of Craig Conover And Paige DeSorbo Relationship

The couple first crossed paths at an event many years ago, but in 2020 they became much better known when they co-starred on the reality show “Summer House.”

Despite Paige DeSorbo’s repeated assertions that she and Craig Conover are good friends and coworkers, the two were spotted together in the 2021 episode of “Winter House,” fueling dating rumors circulating for the previous year.

Craig and Paige’s chemistry remained confined to the set; however, after he ended things with his ex-girlfriend Natalie, the two were frequently spotted out and about in public. After keeping their relationship under wraps for several months, the couple finally came clean in October 2021.

Timeline Of Craig Conover And Paige DeSorbo Relationship
Timeline Of Craig Conover And Paige DeSorbo Relationship

Are Craig And Paige Still Together?

In 2022, viewers of Southern Charm may be curious as to whether Craig and Paige are still together and how they handle their relationship on the Bravo show. Fans on Twitter have remarked that the presence of Naomie, Craig’s ex-girlfriend, in Craig’s social circle has created some difficulty for the group.

By August of 2022, Craig and Paige had stayed together for an entire year. They “…are looking for a future together,” as People reports. Ending June, Page Six reported that long-distance couple Craig and Paige were succeeding despite the challenges.

Before the August 11 episode of Southern Charm aired Thursday night, Craig posted a behind-the-scenes photo of himself and co-star Paige on Instagram Stories.

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When Did Craig And Paige Meet?

Craig met Paige in 2019 after being divorced from Naomie for several years. They were both cast members on the Bravo show Summer House. They did not become friends until they were working together on Winter House. The first season of the show premiered in 2021.

According to Individuals, they met while dating other people but chose to make their relationship public in October 2021. Later that year, in December of 2021, the pair made their relationship public on Instagram.

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