Are Clare And Dale Still Together After Leaving The Bachelorette?

The Bachelorette’s most-watched couple is Clare Crawley and Dale Moss. Moss is a former wide receiver for the American football team and is currently 33 years old. Clare works as a stylist for people’s hair. In the show, these two outcasts from various fields found each other and fell in love quickly, getting engaged after only two weeks of dating.

Not all of the couples who meet on the show end up staying together forever. Clare and Dale’s status is a topic of interest for many. Could it be that you belong to that group? You’ve come to the right place then. So many people are broaching the subject of a recent breakup, right?

This begs the question: are they back together, or are they just pretending? Where have they gone? There was an engagement but it seems to have ended abruptly. Their hopes for a future together crumbled. Find out everything you need to know about the couple right now.

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What’s The Status Of Clare And Dale’s Relationship?

In a short amount of time, Clare and Dale became engaged. However, by September 2021, the couple had already broken up. As their previous divorce occurred in January 2021/22, this is likely to be their second. Not only that, but Dale was the one who broke up with Clare. He made that call on his own.

Dale made Clare feel sad when he put out a joint statement regarding the breakup in January 2021. So it was Dale who first started thinking about leaving Clare. In addition, Clare showed her true colours when she told her audience that she had no idea Dale was about to make the statement.

To which Clare replied, “I was made aware of a mutual statement at the same time you all were, so I’ve needed time to truly digest this. I’m devastated because my goals in our relationship have always been quite apparent. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this because it’s not what I was anticipating at all.

In addition, the source claimed that Dale was not in a position to marry her at present. This could explain why Clare blames him for the breakup instead of herself. Clare understood his position and did not want to terminate things. Of course, some exes can remain amicable after a breakup. They also don’t hold any grudges towards one another.

Fortunately, this is not the case with Clare and Dale. This demonstrates how heartbroken Clare was following the breakup. Since Dale proposed to her specifically, she naturally assumed he was prepared to tie the knot with her. “I believed somebody that they were who that they said they were [and] that they would hold up to the commitments that they make when they go down on one knee,” she reflected.

She may have a hard time moving on after this breakup, too. She’s having trouble getting over it. In addition, Clare was unable to make it through an entire season of The Bachelorette. At the end of each season, there is a “Rose Ceremony” where the major characters choose the person they wish to propose to.

However, throughout this season, unexpected events occurred. Within the episode, Clare expressed her love for Dale and her belief that he felt the same way about her. According to Bustle, Chris Harrison said that the male contestants will remain in the show and a new Bachelorette will be introduced. That person was Tayshia Adams. As with most people, her story ends poorly. She subsequently broke off her engagement with Zac Clark in November of 2022.

Are Clare and Dale Still Together?

There are a lot of rumours lately about Clare’s season in the show. One of the major claims is that she and Dale were already in touch before their participation in the sixteenth season. A lot of admirers started chatting about it. Clare revealed what she had learned about Dale from perusing his social media. Then, on the show, she was the only one who met him.

In time, she developed the connection she had imagined having with him. She elaborated that she only knew him through social media and that they were, therefore, virtual strangers. One possible narrative has Clare and Dale already being acquainted with one another. However, it is unclear if they already knew each other before the show began. In contrast, Clare’s split has left her distraught. She may be attempting to start a new chapter in her life right now.

Clare and Dale Relationship
Clare and Dale’s Relationship

Does Clare Crawley Have Kids?

Among the many rumours about Clare is that she already has a child from one of her prior engagements. Sacramento native and hairstylist Clare became a household name because of her dramatic on-screen antics. Along with that, she made her debut on The Bachelor series in 2013.

She was one of the twenty-eight contestants vying for Juan Pablo Galavis’s affection on The Bachelor. Clare came wearing a that revealed her pregnancy belly for the show’s cocktail segment. Some people may assume she’s pregnant when in fact she’s not. To fool her date, Clare casually threw a ball under her clothes. Using the “hot mama” humour kept her on the show for a while.

Is Clare Planning On Starting A Family Soon?

Since Clare is currently single, she has no plans to start a family anytime soon. She hoped to start a family with her partner, Dale. She had hoped to start a family soon, but the breakup has put that plan on hold. Many people were thrilled for the happy couple, but life rarely goes as planned. And at 39 years old, Clare has mature expectations for a romantic partnership.

So maybe one day she’ll meet someone she can invest in and who is also ready to settle down. Also, it would be unfair to pin everything on Dale Moss. The NFL player has trouble tying the knot because he is hesitant to settle down. If he ever decides to go out of his shell and start dating, he might just discover the woman of his dreams.


Among the couples featured on The Bachelorette, Clare and Dale stood out as viewers’ favourites. Many people believed they were a good match. However, their split proved to the public that they are not a good match.

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