Are Caro And Ray Still Together Stars From ‘The Amazing Race?

Are Caro And Ray Still Together? Speculation abounds as to whether or not Caro and Ray Gantt, one of 11 teams on season 33 of The Amazing Race, are still together. They had fallen in love after meeting on Love Island USA, and now they were going to put their romance to the test by racing across the world together.

Caro And Ray haven’t been on The Amazing Race in two years because of the epidemic and the show’s erratic filming schedule. Their current relationship status is detailed below. Caro and Ray were no strangers to the reality TV competition scene, having previously appeared on Love Island season 1 in the 2019 summer. 

Starting on Day 1, Caro had two different partners before Ray arrived on Day 15. Rapidly becoming the show’s most beloved couple, they still placed third behind winners Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli. Ray and Caro’s romance continued after the series finale, despite the fact that they had to continue it long-distance due to their respective locations.

Ray and Caro’s friendship was strong when production on season 33 of The Amazing Race began in the early 2020s. Caro stated that they did not know how the other would behave in tense situations because their relationship was so fresh and long distance.

In episode two, the pair’s constant bickering began after Caro questioned Ray’s judgment at a Road Block, which resulted in them losing valuable time. Furthermore, an argument broke out while Ray was operating a stick shift, resulting in Ray exiting the vehicle and Caro sobbing on the curb. A lot of viewers thought this would be too much for them and that their love wouldn’t survive the show.

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Separation Announcement for Caro And Ray Gantt

Even after they lost, the beloved pair tried to make long-distance work by meeting up for the holidays. Caro, though, went public with the breakup in a July 2020 YouTube video. I just don’t think he was as invested in the relationship as I was,” she explained. This is why I ended things with him, I guess.

Caro And Ray Gantt: Love Island Journey

Caro was the first contestant to arrive at the “Love Island” villa, but she had a hard time connecting with anyone there at first and ended up in a relationship with Cashel before meeting Cormac. But everything changed when Ray came in and made an immediate impression on Caro. Even Caro couldn’t help but fall for the new contender, and their budding romance quickly gained widespread acclaim.


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It was amazing to see Caro and Ray construct their relationship on a firm bedrock of trust, allowing them to easily overcome any challenges that came their way. Also, their attraction to one another was undeniable, and they appeared to be fully committed to one another.

Both Caro and Ray afterwards remarked on how unexpected it had been for them to fall in love with each other, and how wonderful a sensation it had been when it finally occurred. As a result, it came as no shock that the two competed in the season finale as a pair and ultimately placed third.

Caro and Ray were hopeful that their on-screen chemistry would translate to real life, and they were eager to start a relationship after filming wrapped. However, they encountered several challenges along the way. Caro was located in Los Angeles, while Ray was situated in New Jersey, so there was a significant physical distance between them.

The long-distance relationship that they had to start because of the distance between them seemed to drive a wedge between them. Fans were therefore taken aback when, despite separation rumors, the couple appeared together again in the 33rd season of “The Amazing Race.” Yet, did their reunion suggest that the two had developed love feelings for one another?

Caro And Ray Gantt Love Island Journey
Caro And Ray Gantt Love Island Journey

Are Caro And Ray Still Together?

Caro And Ray have had their share of split rumors, as have most famous couples. Yet, rather than speak up in response to such assumptions, the two have chosen to remain silent. Fans began to speculate that the two were no longer together after they realized that all of the photos they had previously shared on Instagram had been erased.

In addition, Caro’s cryptic Tweet that stated, “If you are continuously striving to establish your worth, you already forgot your value,” added fuel to the fire. In contrast, Ray appeared to respond to the post by tweeting, “I can’t afford to stay in my feelings at this moment in my life, I got things to do.”

Since the story had not been confirmed by reliable sources or the couple themselves, it was still considered to be nothing more than a rumor and the couple’s relationship status was uncertain. The two apparently have settled their differences and are now in a committed relationship. 

Caro And Ray were introduced on “The Amazing Race” as a “dating” couple, and it was revealed that, should they win the competition, Ray had told Caro that he would relocate to Los Angeles. Now that the two are living happily ever after, we want the best for them in all their future undertakings.

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