Are Brandi And Jarrod Still Together From Storage Wars?

Are Brandi And Jarrod Still Together? “If it weren’t for Brandi Passante’s charisma and sharp humor, “Storage Wars” wouldn’t be as successful as it is. The show’s premise is based on the time-honored idea of the treasure hunt, and its characters, Brandi included, go on quests to unearth the figurative (and sometimes physical) gold hidden in abandoned storage facilities.

Thrift store owners Brandi and her ex-partner Jarrod Schulz were the show’s own “diamonds in the rough;” their witty repartee and outrageous antics rapidly won over viewers. They were soon dubbed “Storage Wars’ Rising Stars” (the nickname alludes to their youth and inexperience compared to the other members of the show).

Brandi may be one of the most vocal and bold participants in “Storage Wars” when it comes to her passion for treasure hunting, but her private life is much more secluded and heartbreaking. The reality personality has previously discussed the “tumultuous” nature of her adult (and childhood) years, including difficulties at work, a difficult breakup, and an assault charge against her ex-boyfriend Jarrod. Join us as we explore the upheavals in her life and the sources of strength that have kept her going.

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Are Brandi And Jarrod Still Together?

The debut showed that there is tension between Brandi And Jarrod, but it doesn’t sound like things ended abruptly. Passante called Schulz “an idiot” for spending $400 on a storage space, but in another scene, Schulz outbid Passante on a different unit and admitted, “You know, if Brandi bids on it, I’ll definitely bid” (via People).

Brandi Passante disclosed that she and her boyfriend split up before the November 2018 start of “Storage Wars” Season 12 on The Dad Diary (via Facebook). Passante responded to a question about being a single parent by saying that she was already accustomed to spending time with her children independently. “Even though I did much of it on my own, what we really need is that ominous dad voice in the background. This is something I have to deal with constantly because they are always here ” (via People).

What Happened Between Brandi And Jarrod From Storage Wars?

When Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante revealed their breakup in the 2018 season 13 premiere of Storage Wars, they shocked viewers. Brandi claims the couple broke up after filming season 12 after being together for over two decades. The reasons for their split remain unknown.

On the Spirit Talk YouTube channel in February 2021, Brandi discussed her newfound romantic life, saying, “I’m just going with the flow right now.” Brandi stated, “I wasn’t really permitted to have an identity for many, many years. Because of this, I feel like I’ve really come into my own in the last year or two.

“To put it simply, I don’t care about anyone. I have gone on dates and done similar things, but… at the moment, it’s not something I’m actively seeking out. I can’t wait to feel something for someone.” Jarrod addressed the breakup in an episode of season 13, saying, “Just because me and Brandi aren’t together anymore doesn’t mean we can’t go to an auction – just separately.”

What Happened Between Brandi And Jarrod?
What Happened Between Brandi And Jarrod?

 Do Brandi And Jarrod Have Any kids?

Brandi And Jarrod have a daughter, Payton, and a son, Cameron. She had posted frequently that she had ceased doing so because “creepy a** dudes were bothering her children.”

I did a lot of it on my own anyhow, but it’s the terrifying dad voice in the background that we’re missing,” she stated on The Dad Diary in 2020 about being a single mother.” I have to figure out how to deal with them because they are always around me.

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