Are The Street Outlaws Boosted And Kayla Still Together In 2022?

Boosted, do you and Kayla Morton still have a relationship? Kayla Morton’s Instagram posts of herself without Chris Hamilton, AKA BoostedGT, have contributed to suspicions that the Street Outlaws (Discovery Channel) stars are divorcing.

Kayla, Boosted, and their two children, Austin and Cooper, live in Texas, as was previously reported by SpikyTV. BoostedGT and Kayla Morton, both seasoned racers, knew each other before their presence on the show because they shared similar social circles.

Kayla and Chris had an excellent relationship despite a sluggish start. However, this may no longer be the case, as Boosted does not appear in any of the driver’s most recent photos. They’re still together or not; we found out.

Who Is Kayla Morton?

Kayla Morton, the star of the Discovery series “Street Outlaws,” is a racer and TV personality. She’s been working there for a decade now. Stanley, her father, educated her in everything of his knowledge.

Growing up, she learned how to work on cars and motorcycles at various garages. Right now, the best thing for her would be to win a race in her category. This year, he has accumulated a wealth of $350,000.

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Who Is Boosted GT?

Chirs Hamilton’s racing moniker is Boosted GT. Born and raised in Texas, his first vehicle was a 1987 S10 Blazer. His dad raced streetcars and had a passion for anything mechanical.

He told Chris everything he knew, and Chris ended up finding the information very useful. His loved ones don’t obsess that he drives in auto races. They spend time together seeing Boosted, but that’s it. Otherwise, they tend to keep to themselves.

BoostedGt and Kayla Morton’s Relationship

It is believed that the couple’s last home was in the Lone Star State. They raised their kids in the house. They appear to be flourishing. While Chris uses Facebook, Kayla uses it more frequently. She frequently shares photos of herself and her infant son.

For Chris, she is constant support. He scours her and other users’ posts for fundraising opportunities before each race he enters. At every one of his competitions, she is his number one supporter. A romantic competition between the pair was shown on the show.

To be sure, Kayla is formidable opposition, but BoostedGt‘s Mustang came out on top. The two of them have a family together despite not being married officially. BoostedGt and Kayla are indeed an item, but that doesn’t make her his wife just yet.

BoostedGt and Kayla Morton's Relationship
BoostedGt and Kayla Morton’s Relationship

The ‘Street Outlaws’ Journey of Kayla and Boosted

A friendship between Chris Hamilton (BoostedGT) and Kayla Morton predates their show debut. Despite their superficial company, they held mutual respect as competitors and kept in touch socially. Over time, though, they recognized their mutual respect for one another.

The pair seemed very happy together, as their friendship had swiftly blossomed into love after they first met. It’s challenging to find a partner that shares your passion for the sport and is so ‘poured into’ it, as Kayla put it, highlighting the importance of finding a spouse who shares your enthusiasm for racing.

As a result, you don’t let go until you discover someone who understands your way of life and is willing to commit to it with you. Every aspect of our lives has revolved around cars and racing. What we’re living through right now is real. Chris and Kayla continued their friendly rivalry in street races even after dating.

Since Chris had a second job at first, spending time together was also challenging for the couple. They were aware of the difficulty of the situation, but they were also aware that their dedication and fortitude helped them through it.

Kayla and Chris became good friends and regularly shared their progress with their online audiences. Even if they haven’t tied the knot, Austin and Cooper’s parents are two of the happiest people in the world. Chris’s home state of Texas appears to be where his family currently resides.

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Are Boosted And Kayla Still Together?

Kayla and Boosted don’t appear to have a future together. According to Reality Tidbit, a close friend of the pair confirmed the breakup. Kayla has been the one to compete in races on recent episodes of Street Outlaws, while Boosted has largely stayed out of the spotlight. Avid viewers of Street Outlaw may feel that the characters are actively trying to avoid contact.

Since her history with Boosted has been scrubbed off her Instagram page, it shows more than you might think at first glance. Her most recent status updates talk about vehicles and exercise, with no mention of Boosted. She also posted a touching photo series of herself and her two sons, Austin and Cooper (whom she shares with Boosted), to show how much joy motherhood still brings her even without him.

Boosted’s Instagram story is very similar, except that there are no photos of the characters with Kayla. These days, all he does is upload movies and pictures of automobiles, his family, and advertisements for Street Outlaws.

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