Are Austen And Olivia Still Together From Southern Charm?

Austen Kroll has a history of affairs with the ladies of Southern Charm and other Bravolebrities; his most recent flame is new cast member Olivia Flowers, with whom he has a fascinating shared history. Austen may not have a stellar history of romantic success in Charleston or anywhere else, but he seems to be a perfect fit for Olivia.

But it doesn’t mean things have been all roses between them. After some time together, Olivia’s impatience to take things further and Austen’s reluctance to make a long-term commitment to each other pushed them apart. There were highs and lows in Austen and Olivia’s relationship, which were chronicled on season 8 of Southern Charm.

Fans were unhappy with Austen because of his complicated relationships with Madison LeCroy and Summer House co-stars Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller in the past. Viewers on Bravo and Austen’s pals pondered whether or not he was ready to pursue a new romantic relationship with Olivia.

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She has a hundred thousand Instagram followers because she regularly posts glamorous photos from red-carpet events, her latest show reunion, and her trips. Learn how Austen and Olivia’s relationship developed and whether or not they are still together.

Who Is Austen Kroll?

Austen was born on June 16, 1987, making her 34 years old. She has her own company, has appeared on TV, is influential on social media, and is trained to serve beer. His roots are in the United States capital city of Washington, D.C.

Success seems to be on the horizon for Austen’s Calling Brewing Co. Before launching his own company, he put in time at Palmetto Brewing Company, Red Hare Brewing CO, and a few others.

Who Is Olivia Flowers?

The American actress, model, and internet sensation Olivia Flowers, on the other hand. On April 27, 1992, Olivia was born, and she has since appeared in several films. These include We Follow You (2019) and Chasing Waves (2016), among others. Her participation in Southern Charm undoubtedly helped her gain first fame.

She was conceived by Garry Flowers and Robin Conner and brought into the world in 1983. Their daughter is she. The father of our heroine Olivia plays a pivotal role at the multinational aerospace and defence company Fluor. Upon graduating from Westlake Academy, she enrolled at Clemson University. She completed coursework leading to a BA in Sociology.

Austen And Olivia’s Relationship

Austen and Olivia’s relationship has had its ups and downs since the first time they met. It wasn’t until the reality program this year that they declared their love for one another. It has been speculated since the year 2021 that they might end up together. They have been shooting footage for a Bravo show.

Speculations arose afterwards that they might be romantically involved. Spending time together on dates and in other settings led to an instant connection that swiftly blossomed into love. First seen in the premiere of Season 8, Austen and Olivia embark on their first date at Kathryn Dennis’ Great Gatsby party.

He shared his opinion of Flowers with Rose. Although he was enjoying his evening with Olivia, he nearly lost it when his ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy strolled in. Kroll and LeCroy dated for two years before breaking up two years before he met Olivia.

Austen And Olivia Relationship
Austen And Olivia’s Relationship


Are Austen And Olivia Still Together?

The current state of Austen and Olivia’s relationship is somewhat confusing. Austen and Olivia were photographed holding hands and smiling on a couples’ trip to Napa with Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose in May 2022; the two couples have since broken up.

They appeared content with one another and went on numerous dates after returning from their trip. Olivia assured the interviewer that everything was OK between them and that they were taking their time deciding what to do next. Olivia confirmed to Us Weekly in the first week of August 2022 that she and Austen are dating and “in a good place.”


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She continued, “We travelled and had an amazing summer together, and things are still great between us.” We’re only joking around here. And as always happens when you travel with someone, you learn new things about them and gain a deeper understanding of who they are. And after the shows were over and the cameras had gone home, we were able to kick back and relax a little.

And we’re absolutely in each other’s life,” Olivia elaborated, explaining that they had “just kind of truly gotten to know each other and figure out whether this was something we wanted.” She mentioned how much she had liked seeing their friendship develop into love on the show.

Their popularity was largely due to their closeness, but recent events have raised concerns that things may be tense between them.  After the reunion episode aired, rumours started flying that Olivia had stopped following Austen on Instagram. Since there were no other hints of a breakup, their followers were left scratching their heads over the social media activity.

It’s also not apparent if this was done because of a split or some other factor. The future of their relationship is uncertain until one or both of them takes a firm stand. All we can do is hope that Austen and Olivia’s future is filled with nothing but good news.

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