Are Angelina and Vinny 2.0 Still Together: Relationship Status!

American actor, model, and television personality Vinny Tortorella. His most recognizable performance was as Sutton Brady in the television series Younger. Additionally, he has appeared in The Walking Dead and The Beautiful Life: TBL. Tortorella has worked for several fashion labels in addition to his acting career.

He is a supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and mental health awareness. He is openly non-binary and utilizes they/them pronouns. Additionally, Tortorella has served as the host of other TV programs, including the reality competition program The Reality House.

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Are Angelina and Vinny still together?

Are Angelina and Vinny 2.0 Still Together Relationship Status! (1)

Although they met while working together on a TV production, it doesn’t appear that Angelina and Vinny are dating right now. Although the cause for their breakup is unknown, probably, it wasn’t a particularly significant one. Despite their pasts, both people have fulfilling professions outside of the program.

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Emergency medical technician Angelina Pivarnick previously worked in Staten Island for the FDNY. While Vinny Guadagnino, an actor and model, graduated from Wagner College in New York and holds a master’s degree in accounting, he also has a unique educational history.

Vinny has established a name for himself in the entertainment sector thanks to his roles as a football player in multiple Gainomax ads and his appearance in the television series “Affections.” Additionally, he has worked as a model, exhibiting his 6-foot-1 athletic build-in commercials for Mr Incredible and a ROKK Vodka Viking, among other products.

Vinny and Angelina: Dating or not?

An update on Angelina Pivarnick and Vinny Tortorella, commonly known as Vinny 2.0, Jersey Shore viewers have eagerly awaited’s romance. The two first indicated a relationship in Season 5 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Still, it wasn’t until Vinny 2.0 appeared during Angelina’s divorce party in Season 6 that viewers saw him in person. The Jersey Shore gang gets introduced to Vinny 2.0 in the show’s most recent episode, and it’s evident that he brings a more carefree attitude to the group.

Although he doesn’t seem to have any active social media accounts, the 34-year-old Staten Island model and actor, who has a master’s degree in accounting from Wagner College, has been photographed out with Angelina. Angelina and Vinny were last spotted together at the Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere party two months ago, so it’s unclear if they are still dating.

Who is Angelina?

On June 26, 1986, on Staten Island, New York, Angelina Marie Pivarnick, a reality television star in the United States, was born. She was a star of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and the first two seasons of the MTV reality series Jersey Shore, for which she is best known. In 2012, Angelina also appeared in the Couples Therapy VH1 program.

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Angelina has established herself as a well-liked reality TV star for over ten years. She has published a few singles and can sing. Chris Larangeira and Angelina were wed in 2019, but sadly, their marriage ended in divorce in 2022. Angelina has developed a reputation for being frank and emotional on-screen, making her a well-liked and frequently contentious presence in reality TV throughout her career.

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