Apple’s Mac Video Editing Program Got New Updates

If you’re looking ahead to create an eye-catching video, your final result will hugely depend on the software you used to edit your raw footage.

However, with so many editing suites out there, choosing the best software for video editing for Mac is a difficult task.

Here, we will update you about Video editing for mac and some features like the auto frame.

We all know the three factors that influence our decision of video editing for mac are how experienced you are in the art of video editing for mac, your budget, and what you’re planning to build.

Well, there is news that will make you feel good.

Recently, Apple has released some desirable updates for its suite of video editing apps, including Motion, Compressor, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and auto frame. The new versions of the apps are now available to download at the App Store. The Mac software is getting an update with new features. The file sizes will be approximately 2 and 3 GB.

Apple’s Mac Video Editing Program Got New Updates

What is updated in the Recent Apple’s Mac Update?

Compressor- It has updated to v4.5.3, with patch notes saying it’s mostly about security and progress. You will get to see new features that will include embedded audio descriptions and encoding batch notifications.

Final Cut Pro- It has updated to v10.5.3, with patch notes about this saying it’s mostly about stability. The new features will include sorting enhancements, creation and editing of column views, and more. The size of this update will be 3.1 GB.

Motion- It has been updated to v5.5.2. It will fix rendering issues on M1 Macs.

iMovie- It has is updated to v10.2.4. It will add newly textured and solid backgrounds. You can use it to make your video editing for mac more enticing. It also updates with a fix that now allows video import from its iOS app.

Your Mac is a great tool for editing videos, but sometimes, the software does not fit our needs. These updates will surely make your video editing for mac easy.

Video editors search for the auto frame can easily get the Auto Reframe effect in Adobe video editor.

Nowadays, many people are looking for free Mac video editing software. They have loads of videos and are excited to edit the videos for better display and storage.

Some of the best software for video editing for mac are-

  •   Apple iMovie
  •   Avidemux
  •   OpenShot
  •   ZS4 video editor
  •   Filmora Pro (for the experts)

You should take a look at Wondershare Filmora – before you decide to use the one you like. It is an excellent Mac video editor that can meet your primary and advanced needs.


It is a video editing software that helps users to create amazing videos efficiently using a wide range of powerful editing tools provided in the software. Wondershare Filmora has a simple design that makes it easy for anyone to become a good video editor.

Best Features of Wondershare Filmora-

  •   It easily removes unwanted background noise,
  •   Adjust the dynamic range of the clips,
  •   you can add planning and zooming movements to still footage,
  •   You can easily change the background and create special effects,
  •   Easy to make layer multiple video clips using picture in picture effect,
  •   It quickly converts your edited videos to any popular video format or fits the video to mobile devices.
  •   Filmora provides high-level video editing tools like Tilt Shift, Jump Cut, Face-off, Mosaic, etc.
  •   It makes impressive GoPro/action cam videos with accurate speed controls.

There are many filters, animated elements, and other video effects that will blow your mind. In Wondershare Filmora, you can easily drag and drop moving graphics into your videos. It provides an easy way to combine multiple videos and images seamlessly. You can also add a royalty-free song from the library of music.

The main key features offered by the software are 4K editing support, GIF support, noise removal, advanced text editor, audio mixer, scene detection, and an audio equalizer.

Using the audio mixer feature, you can change the audio of each track. You will also get a feature that will help you to record the screen of your computer.

The video stabilization feature eliminates the effects produced due to the camera shake.

Now, It is all up to you, Which software you use.

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