Anthony Fantano Divorce: Why Did He Allegedly Divorcing Wife?

Recently, music critic Anthony Fantano and singer Drake engaged in an online spat after the latter published messages that the former had reportedly written to the latter via the internet. Since then, the rapper known as Hotline Bling has made it known to the public that the direct messages that were displayed in Fantano’s recent texts were not real.

Over 2.63 million people have subscribed to Anthony Fantano’s channel on YouTube, where he goes by the online alias “theneedledrop.” According to a recent article published in The New York Times, Fantano is “the only music critic who matters” for music aficionados of the millennial generation. Must See- Albert Pujols Divorce

Anthony Fantano Wife: Who exactly is Dominique Boxley?

In his Instagram story, Drake referred to Fantano’s wife; however, it appears that the YouTuber is getting a divorce from the “black female” that Drake was talking about. According to Tuko, Dominique Boxley has worked in the film industry as both an actress and a writer.

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Fantano, even though he is one of the most well-known music critics, appears to prefer to maintain a low profile about his personal life. However, he stated in an earlier video that he first met Boxley in the early 2000s and that they became friends because they had a passion for music. Hershey, Pennsylvania served as the destination of their very first vacation together.

They went through with the wedding somewhere in the middle of the 2010s. Following the revelation that they were dating, Fantano extended an invitation to Boxley to appear in one of his videos. In 2011, on the holiday of Valentine’s Day, the wife uploaded her very first video to YouTube. They discussed a total of ten different songs about love.

Boxley has been in a few videos in the time since then. However, Fantano did not make an appearance in very many videos because he seemed to enjoy maintaining the privacy of his personal life.

As soon as Fantano stopped addressing and featuring his wife, Boxley, in his videos, people started to speculate that the two of them were going through a divorce. In a video posted to YouTube later in 2018, the two individuals dispelled the rumours by stating that they were false.

The Following Is What The Music Critic Had To Say About Their Personal Relationship:

Because we place a high value on protecting our privacy, we have chosen to conduct our relationship in complete secrecy. You should be aware, however, that the focus of my web show is not on the state of my marriage but rather on my thoughts and feelings regarding music.

Divorce Rumours Between Anthony Fantano and Dominique Boxley

There have been rumours that Anthony Fantano and Dominique Boxley are getting divorced.
Online, individuals started discussing Anthony Fantano’s split from his wife, Dominique Boxely. They were previously married. People had a lot to say about the split between Anthony Fantano and Dominique Boxley on the website Reddit as well.

After reading about it on the internet, users of social media sites are discussing the fact that Anthony Fantano is divorcing his wife Dominique Boxley. If what has been reported is accurate, then fans of Fantano do not appear pleased by this information.

However, the YouTuber has not commented on the reports that they are getting a divorce. The couple had been together for a significant amount of time before they finally decided to tie the knot. They were roommates and shared an apartment in Connecticut. In the past, Fantano has refuted rumours that he was going to divorce his wife, but it appears that the speculation was warranted. Recently, an image of what is believed to be their divorce paper for him was discovered online after it had been leaked. According to the Twitter user @wholelottanews, the divorce documents were made public due to the user’s “ratings of Ken Carson and Destroy Lonely’s albums.”

Anthony Fantano’s Relationships

After marrying Anthony Fantano, Dominique Boxley rose to prominence in the public eye. She is a citizen of the United States of America and has shown her support for her husband by participating in a number of his videos that are hosted on YouTube.

It is not known when exactly they tied the knot after 2010; nonetheless, it did take place after that year. Since Valentine’s Day in 2011, when they were first seen together, people have tended to refer to them as a group. Anthony began to publicly acknowledge Dominique as his girlfriend, and the couple typically wed a little while later behind closed doors.

Anthony Fantano’s Relationships
Anthony Fantano’s Relationships

Anthony and Dominique are not parents to any of their children at this time in their lives. Fantano made its debut as an online radio broadcaster in 2007 with the broadcast of The Needle Drop. In 2010, he removed the prior critiques, although he remained employed at the radio station moving forward. Additionally, he held a position in the kitchen of a pizzeria.

He was born in Connecticut and his ancestors were from Sicily and the United States. The lead singer of the hardcore punk band Useless Kennedys was a significant source of inspiration for him. He frequently referred to the American punk rock band in the past as his preferred example of a political hero.

There is a small gap in age between Anthony Fantano and his wife, Dominique Boxley, which amounts to a few years. Anthony Fantano was born on October 28th, 1985, which makes his current age 36 years old. Even though Dominique, his wife, hasn’t provided any information about her age, it is safe to assume that she is also in her 30s.

Redditors discussed Fantano and the divorce lawsuit he is now going through on the FantanoHeads discussion board. Some people have asserted that the rumour that their relationship has ended is not accurate. They stated that Fantano was not responsible for what happened.

Additionally, his fervent fans argued that he was dealing with personal difficulties and that everyone has the right to online privacy, regardless of how terrible life may be. They believed this to be true even though they acknowledged that he was facing challenges.

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