Another Self Season 2: Coming Out In August 2022?

Did The Show Finally Get Renewed for another Self Season 2? The series was written by Nuran Evren Sit, directed by Burcu Alptekin, and released on Netflix on July 28th, 2022, in Turkey. Unsurprising but worth noting in light of this year’s release, Netflix Turkey is currently generating its original content. Doom of love also cut.

For this reason, Netflix invests so much in releasing new episodes every month: the support and enthusiasm of critics and viewers alike for Turkish-language original programming on the streaming service. When deciding whether or not its original programming will succeed or fail, Netflix has a difficult decision.

Zeytin Agaci, also known as Another Self, is an eight-episode sitcom about female friendships. The story focuses on the three friends’ job priorities, love issues, and how they support each other through their ups and downs. If you’ve seen Tuba BÜYÜKÜSTUN’s involvement in black money love, you’ll find it fascinating to see her supporting her two insane friends in this new series.

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What Is Another Self?

A Turkish television series called another self follows three ladies – Ada, Sevgi, and Leyla – as they drive across the country to visit a beach village where they expect to receive treatment from an unnamed guru in the hopes that he will cure Sevgi’s cancer through unconventional methods.

As a result, people gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others around them, as well as new skills for coping with their relationships and past traumas. Another self is a pleasant outlier in the streaming scene since it is a pleasantly uplifting and upbeat drama with a welcome focus on themes of openness and understanding.

Another Self Season 2 Plot

The Another Self Season 2 will continue where the first one left off because the show has yet to be classified as a limited series or an anthology. The first season focuses on the lives of three best friends and how they each bring something unique to the table. Their friendship dates back to college when Ada, the surgeon, Sevgi, the lawyer, and Leyla were all in their first year.

Sevgi’s cancer diagnosis puts their friendship to the test, and the three must devise a plan to keep her alive outside the hospital. The only hope for Sevgi’s life is to discover a strange man, and Sevgi asks Leyla to join her on a journey to find him. They have no idea how drastically their circumstances are about to shift.

Another Self Season 1 Recap

The series tells the narrative of three close friends throughout their undergraduate years, but now they are pursuing a different career paths. Ada became a surgeon, Sevgi began her legal career, and Leyla married and had a son. Despite their divergent professional aspirations, their friendship has survived all these years.

Leyla, a free-spirited young lady, is the glue that holds their bond together so well. After learning she has cancer, Sevgi invites her two closest friends over for a get-together one fateful night. Ada advises her to consult a doctor, but she ignores her advice.

If Leyla realizes she won’t be able to make it, she tells her to travel to Ayvalk and look for Zaman, a boy she’s been looking for since she arrived. None of this makes sense to her other two friends, but they agree to her request because she is a wonderful friend, and the three of them pack their bags to travel to Ayvalk together.

Another Self Season 2 Cast
Another Self Season 2 Cast

Another Self Season 2 Cast

The Another Self Season 2 follows a group of friends who decide to embark on a life-changing journey together. Tube Buyukustun is most known for playing Eluif in the series Black Money Love. Boncuk Yilamaz, who plays Sevgi, and Seda Bakan, who plays Leyla, are her other two close friends. Surgeon Ada and lawyer Sevgi are among the group’s three closest buddies.

When it comes to Leyla, though, she isn’t a career woman, but she still manages to maintain a good friendship with her coworkers. We may anticipate seeing the three closest buddies cruising together for the show’s second season. Riza Kocaoglu, Murat Boz, Serkan Altunorak, and Firat Tanis round out the supporting characters.

Another Self Season 2 Release Date

The Another Self Season 2 launch date has yet to be announced by either the show’s creators or the network that distributes it. The first season has eight episodes and will air on Netflix on July 28th, 2013. Several elements play a role in the renewal of a series, including the series rating and the creator’s preparedness.

It will be some time before we obtain a concrete solution. The amount of episodes in the second season is likewise unknown. Still, the best guess is that it will feature eight episodes like the previous season, and an update will be posted if any information comes to light.

Another Self Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for Another Self is here for Another Self Season 2. We’ll be happy if the trailer persuades you to view the film. Is there anything else you’d like to do before this? Check out what’s below. You can see the trailer down below.

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