Angela Rose Home Divorce: Has She Split Her Husband?

On the internet, the rumor that Angela Rose Home is divorcing her husband has gone global. The social media influencer Angela Rose, also known online as AngelaRoseHome, is well known for her tips on DIY home improvement projects.

Angela wants to DO instead of a PIN, which is her main objective. Her ideas served as an inspiration for many other people who entirely remodeled their homes. Rose frequently peruses the Instagram feeds of other designers and develops her own DIY decorating strategies to add style to the home.

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Who Is Angela Rose Home?

An Angela Rose Home Instagram account is one of the top ten accounts in Dwell Magazine’s list of outstanding home restoration Instagram accounts. With the help of other designers, she loves to renovate and decorate homes.

For a fraction of the cost, she transforms the house into a wonderful residence. Many websites, including, Real Simple,, and Wayfair have featured well-known internet celebrities.

The more you appreciate your work, the more you’ll discover a hidden gift within you. She prefers to start projects from scratch, and the outcomes have been amazing. In her opinion, the best way to make your home beautiful is to just add a few new ideas and gadgets to the mix.

About Angela Rose Home Family

The DIY queen’s family has helped her build a media empire. When it comes to making your home look like the ones you see on Pinterest, Angela shows us how. Every part of home restoration is handled by her, from taking down walls to constructing furniture, painting, and sewing cushions.

There are more than 1.4 million Instagram followers for the teacher. In order to keep her followers inspired, she frequently posts new and interesting content. She publishes them on her website,, and on Instagram, where she has a large following.

Apartment Therapy and Dwell Magazine’s Top 10 Home Reno Accounts have both featured her work. Top-notch Renovating of a Space. Many well-known websites, including, Real Simple,, Wayfair, and others, have featured her works.

How Did Angela Start Her DIY Career?

“A year ago, I was hanging out with a group of friends, all of whom had their own Pinterest boards full of ideas for their homes,” Angela recalled fondly in an interview. My goal was to establish a Pinterest account that was more than just a place to pin my favorite things.

Wacky ideas abound at the beginning of any do-it-yourself endeavor. To be honest, when I initially start a new project, I often feel a little overwhelmed, but now that I’m acclimated to the turmoil, I actually enjoy it. Accent walls are among Angela’s favorite projects she’s completed.
I get a lot of inspiration from other people’s Instagram and Pinterest pages. A person’s home should, in my opinion, only be filled with things that the owner cherishes.

How Much Is Angela Rose Home Net Worth?

Angela Rose, a well-known interior designer, is estimated to be worth $15 million. However, this is just an educated guess. Among the top 20 highest-paid home influencers in the world, she earns an impressive six-figure salary.

Her yearly earnings are projected at $371,684 in her current position. The money that home renovators make allows them to live a lavish lifestyle. Aside from that, she reportedly receives $5053 for each sponsored post.

Her career as an interior designer, where she gets to work with color and pattern, is going well, and she’s happy with it. She already has a million Instagram fans, so it’s safe to anticipate that her earnings will soar in the future as a result of her fame.

Angela Rose Home Divorce With Her Husband
Angela Rose Home Divorce With Her Husband

Is Angela Rose Home Getting A Divorce From Her Husband Mike?

Internet rumors of Angela Rose’s divorce are rife, but she hasn’t commented on them. Angela Rose Home and her husband Mike had been married for a long time. They appeared to be in a good place with one other. The coupler has been the subject of currency speculation.

Her Instagram profile still has pictures of her husband up. Accordingly, rumors about their breakup may be untrue. Mike hasn’t been seen on her side of the story for a long time. Mike was last seen on Angela’s Instagram on March 10, 2021, when they congratulated the social media star who had acquired 1 million followers.

The couple has stayed out of the spotlight and kept their romance under wraps. Angela’s Instagram feed, @angelarosehome, is dominated by posts on home design and power tools.

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