Amy Slaton and Michael’s Divorce: Everything We Know So Far

mother of two According to reports, Amy Slaton of the 1000-Lb Sisters is divorcing Michael Halterman. The pair, who were married in 2019, has two boys. It appears that the reality star now wants to end her relationship as soon as possible. What has changed recently between Amy and Michael? Continue reading to see what is known about the status of the TV couple’s divorce as well as what their fans have to say about the breakup.

Those who have followed Amy Slaton and Michael since the beginning may find the couple’s divorce to be unexpected.

On the TLC program 1000-Lb Sisters, viewers followed Amy as she lost weight, but we also got a glimpse into her personal life. Her surgeon, Dr. Charles Procter, Jr., stated in 2022, “When I first met Amy, more than two years ago, she weighed over 400 pounds, and at that point, it was impossible for her to have a baby.” Amy’s other life goals included getting married and starting a family.

Amy Slaton and Michael's Divorce: Everything We Know So Far

Amy reportedly lost weight after having a bariatric procedure, reaching 275 pounds. In 2020, she married high school sweetheart Michael, with whom she had a son named Gage. Glenn was their second child, who was born in 2022.

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Although Amy, whose sister Tammy is also featured on the show, formerly bragged about her husband and how he loved her no matter what—or how much she weighed—the couple is now reportedly going through a divorce, according to The U.S. Sun.

The divorce may have been brought on by a lack of parental agreement between Amy and Michael.

In March 2023, just days after celebrating her baby Glenn’s 8-month birthday, The U.S. Sun reports that Amy wants to get divorced from Michael. Their entry into motherhood appears to be the root of the problem. According to a source who spoke to the media, “Amy claims Michael is lethargic and has been envious of her devotion to the kids.”

According to the insider, the reality couple “had been experiencing problems since last year.” Another purported “source” claimed that while Michael does not want the children to be featured in the upcoming fourth season of 1000-Lb Sisters, Amy does. The insider said that they had been battling over this for months.

Fans of Amy Slaton have a lot to say regarding her alleged split from Michael.

Although Amy hasn’t formally requested a divorce, her relationship with Michael is still under scrutiny by her followers. One fan commented on the celebrity’s most recent Instagram image and asked, “Looking nice. Do you and Mike remain a couple?

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Others were willing to provide their ideas and counsel regarding her divorce, with one saying, “You need to keep the house and make him relocate!”

The fact that she didn’t include Michael in her ode to Glenn and instead captioned the set of pictures with the phrase “Happy 8 months baby mama, and gauge and everyone loves you baby!!!!” caught the attention of viewers. One of these fans remarked, “The fact that she purposefully named herself and Gage and left out Michael says a lot.


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