Amy Schumer Explains That Her Son Gene Was Treated For RSV In A Hospital

After battling a respiratory syncytial virus, Amy Schumer reports that her three-year-old son Gene is recovering (RSV). The comedian, 41, celebrated her Saturday Night Live hosting performance the previous night by posting on Instagram on Sunday. She admitted that the week had not been easy because her son had a medical issue when the variety show was in rehearsal.

The Inside Amy Schumer star added, along with a collection of images from her time at SNL, “This was the hardest week of my life.” “My son was rushed to the ER and hospitalized with RSV on Thursday, so I missed the rehearsals. Salutations to all the parents who are now going through this.

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I had the opportunity to spend the entire day with him at the hospital, and @nbcsnl’s lovely staff couldn’t have been more helpful. RSV is a respiratory system infection. While it can appear like a cold in adults, it can make it difficult for newborns and young children to breathe.

The CDC estimates RSV causes about 2 million infections and between 58,000 and 80,000 hospitalizations in children under five each year. Her son is “home and better,” she continued before adding. As she handled the difficult circumstance, she also praised the SNL cast for being “the most amazing people with the greatest hearts.”

“Thank you to everyone there as well as the physicians and nurses who helped us,” Schumer wrote as her closing statement. The I Feel Pretty actress received much support from her fellow professionals in the comments area. Vanessa Carlton added, “Wow, Amy, that is intense beyond,” Sophia Bush remarked, “So glad the little kid is alright and that your people held you through it.”


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I’m so glad he’s active and doing well! I’m eager to watch. Jessica Seinfeld added that treating every nurse and doctor with love and appreciation while you were melting from anxiety and stress made her the “proudest” celebrity for looking out for her son. You chose to spend the day with Gene instead of attending SNL practice, but you still managed to nail it last night. As always, you’ve left me speechless.

In an August interview with The New Yorker, Schumer said that it was difficult for her to be away from her little son while on tour, although she knows how beneficial routine is for kids his age. When she left to go on the road for the third time, she remarked, “I’m anticipating how dreadful it’s going to be saying goodbye to him.”

“You simply want to puke when you hear them cry and seek for you.” “I’m going to miss putting him to bed on 65 evenings. What is that even worth, she continued. “Am I insane to do this? Nevertheless, I have the chance to make all of this money.

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