Amy Robach And Andrew Shue Divorce: Do They Have Any Children?

Amy Robach And Andrew Shue Divorce: Andrew Shue, who is now 55 years old and played in the popular drama series Melrose Place in the past, is Amy’s husband, and he already has a fair amount of fame on his own. In addition to his work on the small screen, he also had a role in the major motion picture The Rainmaker, in which he co-starred with Matt Damon and Claire Danes.

It is interesting to note that in earlier years, Andrew not only worked as an actor, but he also had a brief career as a professional soccer player for the Los Angeles Galaxy team. However, in more recent years Andrew served on the board of directors for the organization Do Something. He was also a co-founder of the social networking website known as CafeMom. 

The former cast member of Melrose Place had previously been married to floral designer Jennifer Hageney from the year 1994 till the couple divorced in 2009. This occurred before he wed Amy. Running is one of Andrew’s favorite ways to pass the time in his spare time, especially in New York City. 

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He captioned one of the photos he posted on Instagram in March 2021 with the following: “What a day in NYC so glad to run 13.1 miles in 95 minutes (a full game plus injury time) and best of all a high five from my girl @ajrobach and thanks to @nyrr for inspiring us #unitednychalf.”

Who Is Andrew Shue?

Famous American actor Andrew Eppley Shue is best known for his role as Billy Campbell on the television series Melrose Place (1992–1999) He is also known for playing the role of a professional soccer player and taking the initiative to co-found the social networking site CafeMom. He has also served as a member of the board of directors for the organization Do Something.

Who Is Amy Robach?

Amy Joanne Robach, a well-known American television journalist, is currently employed with the well-known news network ABC News. She is an anchor for the breaking news segment on Good Morning America and also co-anchors the show 20/20 with Diane Sawyer.

She was a well-known national journalist for NBC News and also co-hosted the Saturday edition of NBC’s Today show. In addition to that, she was a news anchor for MSNBC. Since the month of May 2018, she and her co-anchor David Muir have been in charge of the show 20/20.

Is Amy Robach Married To Andrew Shue?

Amy and Andrew got married in 2010, having been together for about ten months prior to that. Tim McIntosh, who played baseball at the professional level, was Amy’s first spouse. Tim and Andrew got divorced in 2008, after being married for a total of 12 years and getting married in 1996.

Andrew was formerly married to Jennifer Hageney, however the couple split the following year in 2008. In 2010, Amy Robach wed Andrew Shue, and the couple is currently married and living together.

Do Amy Robach and Andrew Shue Still Share A Relationship?

Early in the month of November 2022, supporters of Amy and Andrew started spreading rumors that the couple had separated after they saw that her wedding band was absent in many images on her Instagram account. Despite the fact that they were not observed together in public since June of 2022, it would appear that they are still legally married.

After that, the author of Better was seen cuddling up to her coanchor T.J. Holmes, who is married to Marilee Fiebig’s sister. The images were obtained by the Daily Mail and show the coworkers spending the weekend together at a cottage in the Shawangunk Mountain region.

The photos were taken on November 13. However, neither side has stated whether they are involved in a love relationship or are simply close friends. In Touch attempted to get in touch with Amy and T.J.’s teams but had not received a response at the time of publication.

Are Andrew Shue and Amy Robach Officially Divorced?

It was early in the month of November 2022 when attentive fans on Amy’s Instagram noticed that her wedding band was missing from numerous images, which led to speculations of a breakup between her and Andrew.

Are Andrew Shue and Amy Robach Officially Divorced?
Are Andrew Shue and Amy Robach Officially Divorced?

June of 2022 was the last time the couple was spotted together on a public outing, however it would appear that they are still married legally. Since then, photographs have been taken of T.J. Holmes, co-anchor of The Better, and Marilee Fiebig’s husband, sitting together and appearing to be at ease.

It was shown on the episode that aired on November 13 that the coworkers were having a weekend trip at a cottage in the Shawangunk Mountains. The pictures came from a variety of sources. However, neither party has made it obvious if they are romantically linked or are just good friends with one another.

Andrew and Amy are the delighted parents of a multi-generational family they created together. Amy has two children with her ex-husband, Ava McIntosh, who is now 20, and Annie McIntosh, who is 16 years old. And Andrew, for his part, welcomed his son Nate, who is now 25 years old, in 1997. This was in addition to the kids Aidan, 23, and Wyatt, 18, who he had with his ex-wife.

Andrew had previously given an interview to US Weekly in 2017 regarding their parenting techniques. At the very least five times per week, we all eat dinner together as a family. And we make sure to give individual attention to each of the children. It has a profound impact on the connection between us. He said, “It doesn’t have to be lavish, but it’s fulfilling.”

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