Amazon to Help American Administration in Distributing COVID-19 Vaccines

It’s been one day since Joe Biden has sworn in as a newly elected president of the US. There is a massive mountain of challenges in front of Joe Biden. The first challenge he needs to tackle is managing the spread of COVID-19 and rolling out vaccines delivered to every American citizen. Ongoing efforts are being made to make this entire process smooth and faster. So far, only a small number of citizens have been vaccinated. Amazon says that it can help the administration to ease the operations. 

Dave Clark, CEO of Amazon’s global retail business, has written a letter to the president. In the letter, he has offered the necessary aid to the administration in delivering the vaccines. However, the question is whether it’s a selfless action or some PR move. 

The letter written by Clark mentions that there are more than 800,000 employees of Amazon in the US. These employees are always there at their storehouses, Whole Foods outlets, and data centres. Clark plans that if the workers at Amazon premises receive the vaccines, it can help the vaccination drive with increased pace.

Is Amazon Trying to Maintain its Image?

The initiative isn’t evil, and they can aid in this vaccination drive. Amazon has its fair interest in helping out distributing the vaccines. Their employees’ health is at stake. When the virus started to spread in the initial days, the employees started to get infected at an alarming rate since the job demands physical proximity with others. Some employees were so fed up with the treatment they were subject to at Amazon that they even walked out of it. In October, Amazon had revealed that more than 20,000 of its employees were infected by COVID-19. 

Clark thinks that administration can take advantage of Amazon’s command over various factors like operations, communications, warehousing, distributions, and IT. Experts say that if Biden proposes allowing Amazon to distribute the vaccines, it can fasten the logistics process. 

The company can easily manage the distribution process just like it does with its eCommerce business. Since Amazon and other big tech companies are already under the heat with their antitrust activities, it wouldn’t be lousy polishing up their image and being in Biden’s good books. 

However, no one is sure ‘how’ exactly Amazon will achieve this massive feat. 

Administration suffers from the under-staffing at local hospitals, besides it lacks the technology to share the information. It’s also different delivering products like tubes of toothpaste from the warehouse to the customers, but delivering the vaccine is not like that. The vaccines are required to be stored inside ultra low-temp freezers. Anyhow, the company is ready to do whatever it can to help the drive. Now it’s up to the Biden administration to decide whether it wants their help or not. 

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